Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Pangia Compendium – Addendum 3

Pangia Compendium – Addendum 3 is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. The supplement is intended for use with the third continent of the Filbar setting, Pangia. This is the third addendum (also see Addendum 1 and Addendum 2) that is intended to complement the Pangia Compendium, the latter being the publisher’s largest supplement for date and, is in theory, intended for use with the Dungeons & Dragons game.

This is a fifteen page PDF that lacks bookmarks, with one page being that cover that sports the new design first seen in the Pangia Compendium. As with the first two Addendums, this is a compilation of various pieces of fluff.

Levitation Point is a point of interest for the area known as The Glen, a geyser that was discovered by Gnomes that is used as a way of getting up a cliff, and also as a place to perform various “extreme” sports activities.

Pangia Compendium - Addendum 3Brass Throne gives the history of how the Brass Throne of the Melcore Empire came to be, giving details of how the victor who had it fashioned won the civil war.

Draco Teisa gives details on a dragon that fled from her lair after Dwarves discovered it, ending up in a swamp, only to end up being slain when the warring factions of Elves nearby teamed up to defeat the bigger threat.

Legend of Korny Wood is a local legend regarding a mysterious creature glimpsed haunting the woods, with a suggestion as to what it might be.

Battle of Tigo gives the history of how a pirate captain was defeated by the plot of a retired naval officer.

Blood Rite of Wentin gives details on a rite of some plainsmen that is intended to broaden the horizons of their youth, and details of one specific participant and their rite.

The Pecker Uprising is a small uprising that followed a local ruler’s arrangement with some pirates to supply them with wood.

The PDF lacks bookmarks and, although these would have been appreciated, they are not absolutely necessary. The text maintains a single column format using the new design and a couple of minor errors were spotted.

The illustrations are primarily what would appear to be stock and public domain images chosen for their suitability to the relevant text. Each snippet also begins with a small relevant graphic, usually coats of arms which may have been created in Coat of Arms Design Studio from Inkwell Ideas.

The reason why, at the beginning, it was stated that Addendum 3 was theoretically for use with Dungeons & Dragons is that there are absolutely no game stats, making this completely system neutral. As with the previous two supplements, this is once again a beautifully evocative collection of fluff pieces that can be used to flesh out local areas and backgrounds. Although these are intended for use with the Pangia setting, they could be adapted to other campaign settings, some more easily than others – Legend of Korny Wood could be used merely with a few name changes, whilst Brass Throne would require rather more work.

Pangia Compendium – Addendum 3 is, like the previous two Addendums, a highly recommended piece of fluff that can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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