Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FT – Corsair Bay

FT – Corsair Bay is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. This is one on the FT series of supplements which primarily describe urban locations of varying sizes. Corsair Bay is a town that was originally founded by pirates on Clover Island. The supplement is aimed at the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D 2nd Edition games.

This is a seventeen page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page is the cover which features the Adventures in Filbar logo, one page has a map of the town and two pages have four stock photographs intended to depict various people and a specific location on the town as well as the town’s heraldic symbol.

One page gives a history of the town and its founding by a legendary pirate to its current position of being ruled by his second in command following the founder’s death, presumed to be by poison at the hands of mistreated natives and the subsequent leader’s more enlightened policy towards them.

FT - Corsair BayThe rest of the supplement describes the town itself. There are 34 numbered locations on the map each of which is detailed. There are a variety of shops and businesses that cater to ships and their crews, including several taverns and a brothel (with some rather dubiously named employees), as well as some of the more normal types of businesses and other locations and residences. Each location will normally describe an NPC associated with the location.

The PDF lacks bookmarks and these aren’t necessary for one of this length, but they would have been appreciated. The text maintains the publisher’s customary single column format with a border and a few errors were noticed, primarily minor grammatical mistakes. The illustrations serve their purpose and the map is adequate but not spectacular.

The town may be intended for use with the AD&D system, but none of the NPCs have stats, so in that way it can easily be used with any system; suitable stats will simply need to be provided. The town is on Clover Island from the Filbar setting but, even if the island itself is not used – which is simple enough – the town could be dropped into an appropriate location in another setting.

FT – Corsair Bay is a useful and well-described urban setting with a bit of a difference and it can be obtained for free by clicking here.


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