Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Pangia Compendium – Addendum 1

Pangia Compendium – Addendum 1 is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. This is a supplement for use with the third continent of the Filbar setting, Pangia, and is intended for use with the Pangia Compendium, which is the largest supplement published to date from Adventures in Filbar. The supplement is aimed at the Dungeons & Dragons system, probably OSR games.

This is a fourteen page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page is the front cover – this is the first free supplement to sport the new cover design introduced in the Pangia Compendium. The supplement is a compilation of various different snippets of fluff.

Citizen Hobin Willowood presents the background of a halfling thief who became a government representative, against his wishes.

Pangia Compendium - Addendum 1Crypts of Shadowheat is the history behind the construction of a massive ossuary.

Luna Stone of the Elves provides the background to a missing artefact; possibly a powerful ioun stone.

The Water Troll of Fenwick is a piece of local history about a supposed troll that turned out to be nothing of the sort.

Legend of the Mary Jane gives details of a ghost ship that seems to have something against pirates.

Battle of Corrigan Swamp gives the history of how a swamp gained its name and the failed attempt by an incompetent empire and general to suppress the local tribes.

Lord Oberon of Savewet gives the history about how a lord gained his title following the death of most of his party.

The PDF lacks bookmarks and truly, despite its brevity, these would have been appreciated. The text maintains a single column format and a new design from previous Filbar offerings, and no errors were noticed.

The illustrations include a number of stock images, as is customary from this publisher, although the presentation of them has been enhanced. Each article has a heraldic device at the beginning as well (given the appearance, the devices may have been created in Coat of Arms Design Studio from Inkwell Ideas). Overall, the presentation has taken a step up again.

The game system that the supplement is aimed for is irrelevant, as there are no game stats included. What this supplement is is pure fluff, but it is a really, really nice piece of fluff. The various individual pieces may be intended to provide background for Pangia, but with a bit of tweaking, such as by changing stuff as names, locations and dates, they can be adapted to other game worlds, providing interesting background to different locations that players can find out. There are adventure ideas, interesting NPCs and useful magic devices that can all be encountered or heard of, providing great background to any campaign.

Pangia Compendium – Addendum 1 is a really nice, well written piece of fluff that is definitely recommended and it can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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