Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Pangia Compendium – Addendum 2

Pangia Compendium – Addendum 2 is a role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. This supplement is intended for use with the third continent of the Filbar setting, Pangia, and is the second supplement, following Addendum 1, intended for use with the Pangia Compendium, the publisher’s largest supplement to date. The supplement is intended for use with Dungeons & Dragons systems.

This is a twelve page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page of this is the front cover, which has the new cover design started in the Pangia Compendium. This supplement, like Addendum 1, is a compilation of various snippets of fluff.

Lady Yasmin Mitchell gives the background for an NPC who, after being betrayed by those of her order who worked against the crown, was rescued by a party of adventurers and now works with them to root out traitors.

Pangia Compendium - Addendum 2The Tale of the Golden Stump tells the story of a fugitive who, after fleeing to another land, successfully built a new life until he found a tree that was laced with gold. Although it gave him great riches, it also led bounty hunters to him, who killed him on the stump of the tree, leading to a rather odd saying.

The Zinca details a magical item that was created by a now-fallen land known for its magical prowess.

The Myth of Elba tells the story of how a strait was created, following the revenge of an elementalist, Elba, on those who betrayed him.

Battle of Saracen Swamp covers a battle from history that led to the creation of a new nation as it became independent from the empire of which it was a part.

Murder of the Took describes how a gnome with a hatred of halflings was dealt with so that the two races could found a combined realm.

The PDF lacks bookmarks and, despite it being quite short, these would have been appreciated. The text maintains a single column format using the new design and a couple of minor errors were noticed.

The illustrations include a number of what appear to be stock images, although there appearance has been enhanced. Each separate snippet starts with a heraldic symbol, which may have been created in Coat of Arms Design Studio from Inkwell Ideas.

Although this may be aimed at D&D systems, this is irrelevant and the supplement is pure fluff with no actual game stats. As with the previous addendum, this is also a really nicely written piece of fluff. The various pieces are, naturally, intended to enhance the background of the Pangia setting but, with a bit of tweaking – such as replacing place and proper names to those more relevant – they could be adapted to other settings. Some of them could be adapted more easily than others. As with the previous Addendum, this is also a lovely piece of fluff that can be used to enhance a setting.

Pangia Compendium – Addendum 2 is a recommended piece of fluff that can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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