Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FVS8 – Penchant for Adventure – 3

FVS8 – Penchant for Adventure – 3 is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. This supplement is a solo adventure, one in a series set in and around the town of Penchant, and which is probably aimed at the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game. The adventure is intended to be run for one player who has been despatched on an errand whilst the others are busy.

FVS8 - Penchant for Adventure - 3This is a twenty page PDF which lacks bookmarks. The front cover is the now-standard grey denoting a free supplement (although some colour indication as to the intended level, as is seen in the paid supplements, might be useful) with part of an area map of the Lands of Calentria (which appears to have been created in Hexographer from Inkwell Ideas) although Penchant is not labelled on the map. About one and a half pages have four stock illustrations used to depict parts of the adventure, and one page has two maps, one of the town of Penchant (which would appear to have been done in Cityographer, also from Inkwell Ideas) and one a map of the underground area.

Slightly over a page is the Player’s and DM’s Background. The remaining supplement is divided into four encounter areas. One of these is around four pages devoted to describing Penchant and around eight and a half cover the underground area, the main part of the adventure. The town’s description is largely identical to that seen in the other Penchant supplements, with some minor changes to account for recent events, slight evolutions in locations or those that are relevant to this adventure. The descriptions of buildings in the town are either very short, not being much more than the location type/name and a major NPC who can be found there, or much more detailed descriptions.

This may have the number “3” in the title but this is actually the fourth published in the Penchant series. The number denotes the level of character the supplement is aimed at. The adventure itself is a simple cavern crawl, which could be quite challenging for a solo player.

The supplement has a one column format with a few errors noted and the images, whilst not spectacular in most cases, do the job they are intended to do. Given the type of supplement, a few bookmarks might have been helpful.

Some of the town descriptions refer to the events from FVS4 – Penchant for Adventure – 1, although the timeline seems a little out, if the adventures are played in level sequence. The overlap in descriptions between supplements, down to errors, does make the town less useful for those who own the other, free, supplements in the series. Even with that, this provides a useful town and is a decent, and potentially challenging, adventure, with much of the supplement taken up by the adventure itself. FVS8 – Penchant for Adventure – 3 is another decent entry in the series, and it’s free, so click here to get it.


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