Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FVS4 – Penchant for Adventure – 1

FVS4 – Penchant for Adventure – 1 is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. This is a solo adventure in the Filbar setting, and the start of a series of related adventures set in and around the town of Penchant. Filbar adventures are aimed at variations on the Dungeons & Dragons system; although the particular one that this is aimed at isn’t mentioned, it seems likely from the product code that it is intended for D&D 5E.

This is a fourteen page supplement lacking bookmarks. One page is the new style front cover, with part of a map of the town of Penchant (which would appear to have been made in Cityographer from Inkwell Ideas), one page has two images intended to depict parts of the adventure, one page has a full version of the map of the town of Penchant from the front cover, complete with labels, and one has a hex map of the surrounding area, with several encounters, that would appear to have been done in Hexographer (also from Inkwell Ideas).

FVS4 - Penchant for Adventure - 1Around one page has the Player’s and DM’s Background. The solo player is intended to be 1st level, and is going to attend a ceremony at a nearby monastery to represent their teacher.

The various locations from the hex map are then covered. The primary one is the town of Penchant itself, where the different buildings and businesses are described. Some just have the location type followed by the name, but many have longer descriptions, including what a player might buy from them. Some of the locations are mentioned as being used in later, but not directly referenced, adventures in the series.

Following on from the town, which takes most of five pages, various encounters on the way to the monastery are described. Some of these may be challenging for a solo, 1st level, adventurer (and, indeed, the DM Background states that not all characters will be able to complete it). The supplement rounds off with a brief description of the ceremony.

The supplement has a one column layout, with only a couple of errors being noticed. Stats are provided for the various encounters and, assuming this is intended for D&D 5E, they should be easy enough to convert to other variations in the system, including Old School Revival.

The town of Penchant is described in a decent level of detail, and could be dropped into other settings. The entire adventure could be dropped into another setting for that matter; the various wilderness encounters would just need placing somewhere suitable.

FVS4 – Penchant for Adventure – 1 isn’t a bad solo adventure, that is designed for a throwaway, and the description of the town of Penchant expands its use. Click here to get it for free.


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