Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FV0 – Lands of Calentria

FV0 – Lands of Calentria is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. The various FV (including FV-derived) supplements are intended to be played with Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

This is a twenty page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page is the cover, continuing with the new improved cover design, including a small map of the region, one page is a hex map (again looking as if it was done with Inkwell IdeasHexographer) of the region, a larger version of the cover image and two pages have images and a list of all completed adventures, both published and unpublished at the time of writing, in seven different series (FVC, FVN, PL, NC, FVU, FV and FVS) planned for the region.

FV0 - Lands of CalentriaIt begins with an introduction to the Lands of Calentria, primarily its focus on the 5th Edition game, taking up about 1 1/3 pages. There are then summaries of adventures played and experiences in three in-character sections. These reference FV1 – Jeopardy Caverns, FV2 – Urgoth’s Canyon, FV3- Road to Kak and FV4 – Ziggurat of Narvi and, indirectly, the unreleased at the time of writing FV5 – Xodus Isle and FV7 – Shipwreck Cove, taking up around 3 2/3 pages.

There is then some history of the old Corinthian Empire, the now-destroyed old empire, and its former heartland, the Jenklin Ruins, and details of three polities, including history, the Principality of Lockerbie, Duchy of Starryshade and Kingdom of Neville. Finally, there are descriptions of eight deities worshipped in the region.

Unlike the majority of supplements published – both free and paid – published by Adventures in Filbar, this one cannot be easily dropped into another campaign, because this isn’t an adventure, settlement or wilderness location, but is instead background useful for running a campaign in a specific area of a specific game world. For those who are running a campaign set in this region, the supplement provides a decent amount of useful information, colour, backstory and history.

Although the FV supplements and the Calentrian region itself are aimed at D&D 5E, this lacks any game stats so that is not really relevant. FV0 – Lands of Calentria lacks the generic utility found in many of the supplements published by Adventures in Filbar, but it is an interesting read for those wanting to run adventures in that area, and it’s free, so click here to get it.


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