Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FVS6 – Penchant for Adventure – 2

FVS6 – Penchant for Adventure – 2 is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. This is a solo adventure and is one in a series of solo adventures set in and around the town of Penchant. The adventure is probably aimed at the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game.

This is a nineteen page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page is the front cover, in the new grey colour denoting a free supplement, and which has an area map of part of the Lands of Calentria (which would appear to have been done in Inkwell IdeasHexographer software) on it, unlike the previous two supplements which showed part of the town. Penchant is not marked on the map, but this would seem to confirm that the supplement is in Calentria. Two pages are taken up by a labelled map of the town (which appears to have been done in Cityographer, also from Inkwell Ideas) and four images used in parts of the adventure, three of which would appear to be stock of some type and the fourth would seem to have been created for it.

FVS6 - Penchant for Adventure - 2Around one and a half pages are Player’s and DM’s background. This is then followed by a description of the various places in the town of Penchant. Some places are given a thorough description of the NPCs, business and what can be found at the location, whilst others just have the business type and name. One location did stand out; the local religious leader used to be an adventurer, and she took an arrow to the knee.

The rest of the supplement is a set of six encounters that make up the actual adventure or, rather, a series of connected mini-adventures, each of which leads onto the next encounter. Some of these are combat encounters whilst others just involve talking to people to proceed to the next.

Although this has the number “2” in the title, this is actually the third adventure set in Penchant, after FVS4 – Penchant for Adventure – 1 and FVS5 – Penchant for Adventure – 4. The number refers to the level of the character it is intended for.

The supplement has a one column layout and is pretty free from errors. The illustrations do what they are intended to do, but are nothing spectacular. The description of the town of Penchant is very similar to those in the previous two supplements. Some locations have had slight changes, reflecting events that may have already taken place or that are connected to this adventure, but many are identical, which decreases the utility of the supplement for those who have the other, free, supplements.

The stats provided are for D&D 5E but they shouldn’t be too difficult to convert to other, similar, systems. Although the adventure would appear to be located in Calentria, this is based purely on the cover map and the game system; it is essentially setting-neutral and can easily be dropped into other settings. FVS6 – Penchant for Adventure – 2 is another, decent, solo adventure in the Penchant series, and it’s free, so click here to get it.


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