Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FT – Walled City of Vandosia

FT – Walled City of Vandosia is a free supplement from Adventures in Filbar set in Calentria. The supplement is intended to be compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game. The FT supplements primarily cover urban areas; this is number 21 in the series, the third to include a number which is now standard, and details Vandosia, the capital of the Duchy of Starryshade.

FT – Walled City of Vandosia is a fourteen page PDF, of which one page is the cover featuring the new, but not as yet fully standardised, design, which incorporates an area map on which the location of the Duchy and the city are marked. One page is a map of the city, one page is a map of the sewers (the sewers themselves are covered in the supplement FV6 – Sewers of Evil), half of a page has a black and white drawing and one page has two presumably royalty free photographs intended to show parts of Vandosia.

FT - Walled City of VandosiaA bit over one page is an introduction to the city, the ruler of the Duchy (who is, a bit oddly, an Archduke not a Duke) and the plots of his castellan. The remainder of the supplement covers the town itself. This is split into twenty lettered sections, none of which cover any area in a particularly high level of detail, but some areas are covered in more detail than others.

Some areas simply have what they are listed, some have a one line description, most have a list of businesses or other places and the name, and race, of the owner or similar important NPC and four actually have a reasonably detailed description of them, including one major NPC. The supplement is largely free of errors and follows a single column layout.

Calentria may be aimed at D&D 5E, but the supplement lacks any game stats so is really system-agnostic. Vandosia itself could be dropped into other settings as an important city or possibly a city state. However, the city itself is bigger and the supplement covering it is shorter than the rest of the FT range and, as a result, it is only covered as a really quite brief overview. Fleshing it out to use would require quite a bit of further work on a GameMaster’s part.

This is a perhaps decent start to a city setting, but it is nowhere near complete enough to use it as is. Still, FT – Walled City of Vandosia is a free supplement, so click here to get it.


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