Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FT – Timel

FT – Timel is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. This is number 31 in the FT range of supplements that primarily cover urban areas, in this case the town of Timel, part of the Confederacy of Thegos. The town would appear to be the base for the adventures F4 – Hall of the Dwarf Lords, F5 – Liberation of Irongate and F6 – Euriduis of Santos. This is aimed primarily at the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D 2nd Edition game systems.

This is a nineteen page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page is the front cover with the gray colour denoting a free supplement with a piece of stock art, around two thirds of a page is a labelled map of the city which appears to have been created in RPG Citymap Generator, one and a half pages have five menus for locations in the settlement and half a page is a single photograph intended to depict the front gate.

FT - TimelAround two thirds of a page gives an overview of the town and around thirteen pages describe the various locations in the settlement. There are 38 locations of different types covered, from shops to taverns to official buildings, and this would appear to be every location in the town.

Each location has the business name or type followed by the name of the primary NPC that can be found there. There are then a few sentences on the location, the NPC, what sort of business is conducted, if any, and any connections to other locations, as well as sometimes brief mentions of other people who can be found at the location.

The final two pages are the Personal Diary of Meekus Tomo – Guardian of Timel. This would appear to be referring to some of the events from Hall of the Dwarf Lords.

The PDF lacks bookmarks and, although it is fairly short, they would have been appreciated. The text maintains the publisher’s standard single column with a border format. There are quite a lot of grammatical errors of various types in the supplement, more than have been seen for some time. Together with the use of RPG Citymap Generator, and the age of one of the adventures set here, this suggests that this is an older location that has just been released. The only illustrations are two bits of stock and the town map.

Even though the supplement is aimed at AD&D and AD&D 2nd Edition, it lacks any game stats, making it system agnostic. Although there are a few references to locations in the Filbar setting, such as the Caravan Masters and a couple of other cities, these are easily skipped over, making it easy enough to drop the settlement into another campaign setting.

There is a reference to a town guard who became Bard of Filbar; this would appear to be referring to the player who now publishes Filbar’s The Bard’s Podcast.

The supplement’s presentation may not be the best but, despite the errors, this is still quite a useful town for dropping into another campaign. FT – Timel can be found by clicking here.


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