Organising and Tidying your Master Bedroom

The next area to concentrate on in your house after your bathroom is the master bedroom. If the master bedroom is an untidy place and the items in it are not liked then it will not be the private retreat it should be.

The bedrooms of a house are where people spend much of their time at home, even if they are asleep, so it is important that they feel comfortable to be in and look good. Take a careful look around the bedroom as if you are a visitor. This is especially important if you are thinking of selling your home. How much of a mess is the room in? Take note of the first thing you see and do that first, whatever it is. If the bed is untidy, straighten it; if there are dirty clothes laying around place them in a laundry basket, as they make a bedroom look unpleasant.

Take a look at any flat surfaces in the bedroom, including the floor. Clear the tops of any furniture of anything that is on them. If there is any paperwork in the room, sort through it and carefully file away anything important and dispose of the rest, shredding it if necessary. Once the surfaces of the furniture are clear of any paperwork, clean them with polish and a duster.

GregoryButler / Pixabay

Once you’ve sorted through any paperwork, now sort through anything else on the top of the furniture. Check jewellery boxes and any storage containers. Check to see if there are any items that you don’t use regularly and that have no other personal value to you. Anything like that should be disposed of, whether by simply throwing it away, giving it away, perhaps to charity, or by selling it. Any perfumes, cosmetics or personal care products that aren’t used regularly or possibly at all should be disposed of, as there is no point in keeping things unless they are used.

The next step is to process the floor. If there is anything scattered on the floor, pick it up. Any laundry should be put aside for cleaning, or stored properly if already clean. Once the floor is clear vacuum it, and mop it if it’s of a type that requires mopping.

Now move onto the windows. Clean the glass and windowsills if they need it, using glass cleaner for the glass and the appropriate cleaner for the windowsills.

The next step is to move onto the closets or wardrobes. It doesn’t matter how big or of what type they are; clothes should be neatly stored inside them, in such a way that they will come out ready to wear, so on hangers or neatly folded in drawers. If they are full to bursting with clothes, it’s time to sort through them all. Any that don’t fit and haven’t in a while should be disposed off, as should any that aren’t worn because they are no longer considered fashionable. There’s no point in hanging on to them in the hopes that they will fit in the future, or will come back into fashion. Give them away, sell them or through them.

Once all the clothes that are no longer used have been gotten rid of, sort through and arrange what clothes are left. Store like items together and in accordance with their style. This will make it easier to get the items wanted when they are wanted.

Now it’s time to move onto the dressers or chest of drawers and sort through these in the same way as was done with the closets. Dispose and discard of any unused or unwanted clothing.

The last places to sort are the soft furnishings; the drapes, curtains or net curtains and the bed linen. Check to see if the curtains and other window items need cleaning and, if they do, clean them. Curtains can often be washed, but make sure to check the care instructions first, just in case they can’t. If the bedding hasn’t been cleaned for a while, now is the time to put it in the washer. Once everything has been cleaned, put it back where it needs to be. Take a final look around the room and change anything remaining that you aren’t happy with.

When the master bedroom is finished, the same process can be applied to any other bedrooms in the house.

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