Organising and Tidying your Bathroom

When tidying and organising your home, whether in order to simply get on top of things, or in preparation for selling it, it’s advisable to take it one step – or room – at a time rather than attempting everywhere at once. Should your bathroom not be as tidy or as nice as you’d like, now is the time to rectify that.

The place to start in the bathroom is the surfaces and countertops. If they are dirty and covered in things, remove any items that are on them and place them aside, probably on the floor, for now. Using a bathroom suitable cleaner, clean the tops and surfaces. After the surfaces have dried, sort through the items on the floor. First discard anything that is empty or isn’t used. Next, place anything that goes in a drawer or cupboard in those places. Finally, place back on the surface any items that should be there, such as soap dispensers, after wiping them clean if needed. Clean the sink, which may require a stronger cleaning fluid to remove any soap scum or toothpaste residue.

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Next move onto the toilet. If there is anything stacked behind it, place it on the floor, and clean the back of the toilet. After this, replace anything you put on the floor unless it belongs in a drawer or cupboard. The part of the toilet where the seat hinges are, which may join onto the cistern depending on the type of toilet, should be cleaned next. This area can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Lift the toilet seat and clean the bottom of the seat and then the toilet rim under it. Spray or pour toilet cleaner into the bowl and clean it with a long handled toilet brush, then flush the toilet. Finally, clean the outside of the toilet bowl itself, which is often overlooked and can get very dirty, and, if applicable, the outside of the waste pipe at the rear of the toilet.

The next area to clean is the bath and/or shower. This can vary from bathroom to bathroom; there may be a bath, a bath with shower over, a bath and separate shower or just a shower. Soaps and shampoos, and foam from them, used to wash with can accumulate and stain these. Should there be a shower cubicle or panel clean that with an appropriate cleaner first, before moving onto the bath or base. Use a suitable cleaner and spray the bath or shower and clean them of any accumulated soap scum. Depending on the build up and cleaner used, this may take some time. Some cleaners require spraying and then leaving to work for five minutes or so, after which the area should be cleaned with a non-abrasive pad. Clean the bath or shower until it is sparkling clean, then rinse if required.

Should the bathroom have tiled walls, spray these with a tile cleaner and wipe down. Use a mould removing spray if mould has built up on the tiles or grout. Spray the window and any mirrors with glass cleaner and wipe clean.

The final place to do is the bathroom floor. How this is handled will depend on whether it is tiled or carpeted. If it is carpeted, simply vacuum the floor, unless stains need to be removed from it. If it is tiled, first sweep or vacuum away any loose dirt and then mop it clean.

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