Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Warrior Priests of the Sea – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin

Warrior Priests of the Sea – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin by Amy Coffey is a free generic role playing game supplement published by Artemis Games. This is an extract from The Floating City, which is a city that is carried on the back of a colony of jellyfish.

This is a six page PDF available from RPGNow with one page being the front cover and one the Credits.

It opens with The Priests of Ampai, stating that there are four high priests in the city, each of which usually has an apprentice and each representing one quarter of the city. Apprentices have to collect a mermaid’s purse and raise the shark within. The priests are granted the ability to control the movement of jellyfish and therefore the movement of the city. Priests can also control natural tentacled or tendrilled creatures of the sea and can use hydrokinesis on the water, shaping it to their will.

Warrior Priests of the Sea - Jigsaw Fantasy NogginThe Academics’ Priests covers the high priest of one quarter of the city, the Academics Quarter. This high priest has two apprentices, after having lost his first three to different hazards – pirates, terror sharks and a sea serpent. Both of these apprentices are also detailed.

Finally, there are three Jigsaw connections, footnotes that give suggestions on how to use the material or links to other products. These footnotes give details on the goddess the priest follows, and a suggestion as to a deity for the World of Greyhawk, a brief overview of terror sharks, which are covered in more detail in Sharks! (although this is not mentioned) and an overview of bestials, and a suggestion to replace them with Shifters in Eberron and Selkies in any Celtic setting.

The PDF is bookmarked with the various sections linked. Navigation is above average for a small supplement. The text maintains a single column format in Artemis Games’ slightly inconvenient font and no errors were noticed. There is a single piece of colour stock art used. Presentation is okay.

With this basically being a teaser for a larger supplement, it might be difficult to use it by itself. The priesthood could perhaps be used, and the high priest and two apprentices possibly used elsewhere as NPCs, but there certainly isn’t enough to use the city. Nor is there supposed to be. Warrior Priests of the Sea – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin mainly provokes interest in The Floating City, which it accomplishes, and it can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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