Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Sharks! – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin

Sharks! – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin by Amy Coffey and Ste Coffey is a free generic role playing game supplement published by Artemis Games. This supplement provides details on two new types of shark.

This is a five page PDF with one page being the front cover and one page the credits. The remainder of the supplement details the two shark types.

Terror Sharks constantly emit an aura of fear and confusion which is amplified during hunting and is used to intimidate prey. The shark itself is quite large and reports of its appearance are often inaccurate, due to the effects of its aura. The aura requires that the sharks feed on sapient or magical creatures in order to maintain it.

Sharks! - Jigsaw Fantasy NogginSteam Sharks are a small shark which gradually stem prey from beneath, until the prey falters and can be caught. Hunting in packs, steam sharks usually prey on smaller fish but are willing to eat anything that is parboiled.

There are a couple jigsaw pieces that link to footnotes, as is standard from the publisher. One references another publication, The Floating City, and the other considers how the steam shark may heat the water.

The PDF is decently bookmarked for its length, with both shark types and the thanks linked. Navigation is therefore good for a short supplement.

The text maintains a single column format and no errors were noticed. As with other supplements from the publisher, the font is an unusual one, not quite difficult to read but not as comfortable as it could be. Apart from the front cover, there is one illustration, a piece of stock art altered to depict – deliberately inaccurately – terror sharks.

The sharks both lack stats, which mean that they could be adapted to any system. Both types are interesting and different sea predators, although there will be a bit of work required to created suitable game stats for them. It might have been easier if stats for at least one system were provided, but the piece is free.

Sharks! – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin provides two new interesting denizens of the seas and it can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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