Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Two Page Mini Delves – FREE

Two Page Mini Delves – FREE is a bundle product from Roving Band of Misfits Press that contains five short adventures for the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game. Given that the adventures are aimed at D&D 5E, they would probably be covered by the Open Game License, although this isn’t mentioned in the supplements.

Two Page Mini Delves - FREETwo Page Mini Delve – Cave of Crystals

This adventure sees the players going into a cave full of soul trapping crystals (echoes of the Elder Scrolls?), possibly at the request of a wizard. The crystals in the cave have already been used to trap some evil spirits, and they may come in conflict with the spirits and the guardian of the cave, as well as some giant spiders that currently inhabit it. The adventure may therefore unfold in a number of different ways, depending on the PCs’ actions. There is a simple black and white map from Dyson Logos used for the cave.

Two Page Mini Delve – Deepwood Memorial

There are a number of potential hooks for this adventure, but all are based around going into the memorial to recover a book from the library. This is a forgotten and no longer used memorial to an elven civil war, which has been since damaged and desecrated. There is only one monster detailed, but a few other hazards in the location. Probably the most major treasure that can be found has the potential to cause problems for players in the long run. This also has a simple black and white map.

Two Page Mini Delve – Hornhold Crypts

This adventure has the players going into a Dwarven crypt to recover a weapon. There are a couple of hazards and monsters described and the crypt is well detailed. Once again, there is a black and white map; again, this is from Dyson Logos. This is one of the shorter adventures.

Two Page Mini Delve – The Pale Reaver

This adventure has a number of hooks to get the players involved, and the adventure itself is set on the titular The Pale Reaver, a ghost ship. There are rumours of a valuable treasure onboard the ship, but the treasure is not what anyone thinks it is, and is too dangerous to remove, as well as being not really valuable. The adventure has a time limit and creepy feel to it.

Two Page Mini Delve – Workshop of the Mad Alchemist

This sees the players in a manor house where a previous resident worshipped a dark god of the GameMaster’s choice and, after he was executed for this, the uncle of the present inhabitants practiced alchemy, which was tainted by the altar of the previous lord. The players find a hidden door to the alchemists laboratory and the altar. This has another map from Dyson Logos.

The third page of each adventure is an appendix which gives details on customising it – it isn’t aimed specifically at any character levels, and is therefore flexible with some of its stats. This discusses altering difficulty levels, party size and level and adding monsters and treasure. The appendix in The Pale Reaver also states that the ship map used is derived from the papercraft model of a ship, The Sea Dragon, published by Fat Dragon Games.

The supplements can all be customised – there is the basic meat of the adventure, but specifics, such as difficulties, party levels and treasures are all left up to the GM. Many also have hooks for additional adventures afterwards, and some have several. Given the customisation options, these adventures can also be adapted to other fantasy systems with a bit of work, although probably not any more than is required to flesh them out completely. They are also setting-neutral as well. Two Page Mini Delves – FREE is a useful collection of little adventures that can be dropped into a campaign as a side quest of some type, and they’re free, so click here to get them.


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