A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement 5MWD Presents: Treasure & Art Objects

5MWD Presents: Treasure & Art Objects by David Gibson is a role playing game supplement published by 5 Minute Workday through the Dungeon Masters Guild Community Content Program. The supplement is stated as being for the Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition game.

This is an eleven page bookmarked PDF that is available from Dungeon Masters Guild for $0.50. One page is the front cover, one page the front matter and there is one page of ads for other 5 Minute Workday supplements.

5MWD Presents: Treasure & Art ObjectsThis is a collection of items which are intended to expand on those found in Chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. The main section is Art Objects. This consists of five tables of art objects in different price bands, 25, 250, 750, 2,500 and 7,500 gp. The first three tables each have 100 different items; the last two 50.

There is also one page for Trade Goods. This has six different tables separated into 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 gp. The first table has 20 goods, the next 10, then 8, 4, 6 and finally 4 again.

5MWD Presents: Treasure & Art Objects in Review

The supplement is well bookmarked for its length and type, with each table being linked. Navigation is therefore above average for a supplement of this length. The text maintains a two column format, with the rows of the tables having alternating background colours which makes them easier to read. A few minor errors were noted in the text; usually the wrong word rather than a misspelt one. The only illustration is some piece of stock art on the cover.

The various art objects are nicely detailed. Instead of a ‘gold hairpin’ you have such results as ‘Golden hairpin set with a garnet surrounded by small pearls.’ All of them are of this level of detail, adding a nice bit of colour to treasures that are so often bland. The trade good are less detailed but provide an assortment of things that may be worth money but may be difficult to transport due to bulk (750 barrels of coal) or type (500 chickens). Included are some goods that are probably more valuable pound for pound than gold, such as spices.

If there’s one question that could be asked about this supplement, it’s ‘Why is it in the Community Content Program?’ Being marked for D&D 5E has the chance of putting people off, thinking it is only useful for that system. Excluding a mention of a beholder and the DMG, it has no link to D&D at all. Or, indeed, any system. This is actually suitable for any system and most settings, not just 5E; don’t be fooled by the description.

This is a lovely little supplement that can be used to make treasure hordes far more interesting, and at a very small price. 5MWD Presents: Treasure & Art Objects can be found by clicking here.


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