Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Samudratat Beach – Jigsaw Fantasy

Samudratat Beach – Jigsaw Fantasy is a free role playing game supplement published by Artemis Games. This is a generic supplement that is part of their Jigsaw range of supplements that has ‘jigsaw’ links to others; this one concentrates on the Jigsaw Pieces from the company’s Kickstarter.

This is an eight page bookmarked PDF of which one page is the front cover and one page is the Credits.

The supplement describes a beach and its occupants. It begins with an overview of the beach itself and then describes various things of interest. There are two creatures, the Giant Sundew, a larger version of the regular sundew that is more of a threat to travellers but a bigger threat to small creatures, and the Mammoth Crab, a rare, large, version of the horseshoe crab.

Samudratat Beach - Jigsaw FantasySanjeev the Beachcomber is the sole inhabitant of the beach and is a loner considered to be a holy man.

The final page is Jigsaw Connections. Throughout the supplement are various lettered jigsaw items; this final page explains what these refer to. These are essentially footnotes, some of which refer to other supplements, the others explaining parts of the text in more detail. Using the jigsaw connections, this supplement can be linked to others. The ones linked are Jigsaw Fantasy: The Sivatag Desert, Jigsaw Fantasy: Boiling Sea of Ice and Jigsaw Fantasy: The Floating City.

The PDF is decently bookmarked with the various sections linked, although there is no table of contents. Navigation is above average for such a short supplement. The text maintains a single column format and no errors were noticed. The font is perhaps a little difficult to read being slightly fancy. There are a couple of images, one a photo and one an illustration, that have been used to illustrate a couple of the items. Presentation is decent.

This is a short, potentially useful supplement. There are a few adventure hooks and an NPC who could be developed slightly. This can be used to fill in a blank space in a setting, and perhaps developed more. The Jigsaw Connections that do not link to other supplements are useful for expanding the information; those that do link can be used to integrate this piece with others.

Samudratat Beach – Jigsaw Fantasy can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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