A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement 20 Seashore Trinkets and Pocket Finds Number One

20 Seashore Trinkets and Pocket Finds Number One by Stephen Hart is a role playing game supplement published by The Grinning Frog. The supplement is a combination of system agnostic and aimed at Dungeons & Dragons.

The supplement is available as a Pay What You Want PDF from RPGNow. It has four pages, one of which is the front cover.

The first page has what is essentially the introduction, explaining the concepts behind the design, namely to generate stories. It also considers item value, which has been largely left out, what skill checks might need to be performed and that they can be altered by the GameMaster, where the items might be found (said to be in pockets, although that does not make sense for this supplement, given that the items are supposed to be found on a beach) and their size.

20 Seashore Trinkets and Pocket Finds Number OneThe next page is a d20 table of different things to find. There is the basic information that can be read to players, details that can be found by investigation and information that can only be discovered with a successful skill check. Not every item has all of these of course.

Two of the items from the list are then covered on the next page. These are essentially minor magic items; saltwater tonic, a potion that can be useful against toxins and the homing compass, which can be attuned to track living creatures.

20 Seashore Trinkets and Pocket Finds Number One in Review

The supplement lacks bookmarks but, at three pages of content, doesn’t need any. The text is two columns on the first page, followed by a single column table and finally single column again for the magic items on the final page. No errors were noticed. The only illustration is the colour page background. Unfortunately, this is full colour and cannot be disabled for printing.

The table itself is pretty decent and can be used for things that could be found on a beach in most fantasy settings. The two new items, although they lack the full details that would be seen for manufacture, can also be used with most fantasy game systems. The supplement might be aimed at D&D but it is easily suited to other systems as well.

Overall, 20 Seashore Trinkets and Pocket Finds Number One is a decent list and it can be checked out for free by clicking here.


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