Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FT – Kettlespit

FT – Kettlespit is a free role playing game supplement from Adventures in Filbar. The FT supplements primarily cover urban locations and this is number 23 in the series. Kettlespit is a town in the Principality of Lockerbie in the Lands of Calentria; the setting of Calentria is primarily aimed at Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

This is a 16 page PDF that lacks bookmarks. The front page is the new design, which incorporates part of a hex map of the Principality of Lockerbie, (by the looks of it done in Inkwell IdeasHexographer software). One page has a map of the city itself, which appears to have been done in RPG Citymap Generator, and then two other pages have larger images of three major portions of the city, the Northern, Eastern and Western power centres, which are defined by the river. The maps lack any notations. One page has three black and white illustrations presumably depicting parts of Kettlespit and another gives the stats for three generalised encounters.

FT - KettlespitOne page is an introduction to the city itself, describing its appearance amidst a peach orchard, and its layout and government. The city may be a city-state or independent in some way; this isn’t made clear.

Two pages describe the three wards of the city briefly, giving the numbers and quality of different, potentially important, buildings and shops in each ward, followed by the focus and alignment of each ward and what is presumably the city’s emblem. The government, and the three NPC rulers, of the city take up another page.

Two pages describe random crowd encounters and another half a page includes a number of names for NPCs. The rest of the supplement gives seven different adventure seeds.

The text itself is a single column layout, with a few relatively minor errors. The illustrations are presumably stock intended to depict scenes of city life, and are black and white except for the city’s emblem.

Although the supplement is set in Calentria, it is sufficiently setting-neutral that it could easily be dropped into another setting. Similarly, the only stats are on one page of random encounters, and it could therefore be adapted to other systems fairly easily. Kettlespit itself has only the broad strokes covered, and if intended to be used would need fleshing out more thoroughly, but there is quite a bit of material to give this a start, especially with the adventure seeds. FT – Kettlespit is a decent start for a fantasy location, and it’s free, so click here to download it.


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