Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FA4 – Clover Island

FA4 – Clover Island is a free role playing game supplement from Adventures in Filbar aimed at use with the AD&D 1st and 2nd Edition games, but it should also work with most similar systems. The FA supplement series details various non-urban settings, in this case, as the name suggests, an island.

This is a 21 page PDF that lacks bookmarks. The first page is the Adventures in Filbar logo. Five pages each have two photographs on the with text indicating what locations on the island they are intended to illustrate. About half a page is a map of the island. The remainder of the supplement details sixteen different locations on the island, although some are only briefly referenced.

FA4 - Clover IslandThe various different locations are described in different levels of detail. There are details on the local tribes, but the major settlement is covered in a different supplement. The locations vary in complexity, but are by and large too dangerous for low level parties. Most locations have some DM’s Notes on them, providing more detail, as well as descriptions to tell the players.

This is one of the least standalone of the FA supplement series. The locations reference Corsair Bay, also a free supplement, the Quest for the Golden Rose, a paid supplement and Bastion of the Giants, another paid supplement which was published at a later date. There is also reference to a medallion from another adventure and an undetailed city. One location is practically a word-for-word duplicate (only the names differ) of an identical location in FA3 – Darkwood Forest. The map appears to have been created using graphics software; unfortunately, the colour choice for the letters showing the various locations is a bit poor, and blends with the image in some cases.

The location should be easily adaptable to other similar game systems. There are a number of creature stats that would need converting, so this will probably be easiest with Old School Revival games. The location itself will need a bit of work, and probably at least three other supplements, to adjust it to another campaign world. Sill, with that work, FA4 – Clover Island could be useful as an island location. Click here to download it for free.


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