Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FC1 – Turret of the Frost Giant

FC1 – Turret of the Frost Giant is a free adventure published by Adventures in Filbar, intended to be played using the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons or AD&D 2nd Edition rules. The FC series of supplements are described as being individual challenges, although still set in the world of Filbar, and this is said to be suitable for adventurers of 4th-6th level, as measured by AD&D.

This is a seventeen page PDF that lacks bookmarks. The first page is the Adventures in Filbar, as usual. There is slightly more than one page of Player’s and DM’s Background, with the Player’s describing the settlement they come across and the DM’s the current events. On one page is a hex map of the local area, on another are maps of the Thorp of Krussex and the path to the turret, and there is a photograph intended to be of the turret itself taking up a page. The remainder of the supplement describes the various adventure locations.

FC1 - Turret of the Frost GiantKrussex, a very small settlement, is described along with its inhabitants, and there are methods of getting the player’s involved. There are also descriptions, including DM Notes, of the various wilderness and turret locations, as well as stats for the various creatures who can be encountered. The large area map is a hex map of a type that will be familiar to those who have played older AD&D games, with each hex having a terrain type marked in it. The two smaller local maps are also on hexes, and appear to have been generated using software. They fulfil their purposes well enough. The photo appears to be some sort of stock art. There are a number of minor errors in the text.

This adventure is most suitable for AD&D and Old School Revival games, as these will require the least amount of work on the stats to make them compatible. Fitting the adventure into another campaign world, rather than another game system, will be harder work. Quite a few changes will need to be made to make it suitable, and it requires certain terrain and political borders in order to both place the wilderness map in a suitable area, and get the player’s involved in the same manner. It would possibly be easier just using the locations in a new area. Having said that, FC1 – Turret of the Frost Giant is a decently constructed adventure that can be a challenge for a party to do. Click here to download it for free.


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