A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Gregorius21778: The Rockyhill Badlands

Gregorius21778: The Rockyhill Badlands is a role playing game supplement published by Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778. This is a collection of encounters suitable for the Mutant Future system. As such, this should probably be covered by the Open Game License, but this is not referenced or included.

This is a thirteen page PDF which is available from RPGNow at the regular price of $0.75 but was purchased at the reduced price of $0.62. One page of the supplement is the front cover and around half a page the front matter. Another half of a page is on how to use the supplement, and that it can be used as a freeform hexcrawl.

Gregorius21778: The Rockyhill BadlandsThe supplement starts with a d100 encounter table, with 25 different encounters listed. Each encounter is then described in detail. Some of these encounters will be at fixed locations, due to being ruins or other things incapable of moving, whilst others could be discovered anywhere. The encounters are also interlinked, so what can be found in one encounter may be linked to other encounters. Various encounters can also change, depending on previous experience with them, and whether another encounter also happens.

A bit over half of the final page is an adventure hook which can be fleshed out and there is also a brief section on radiation damage that can be suffered in the area.

Gregorius21778: The Rockyhill Badlands in Review

The PDF lacks bookmarks and, although it may not be that long, they would have been useful. Navigation could therefore be better. The text maintains a two column format and, as is frequently the case, the author warns that they are not a native English speaker. There are more errors than usual – often with words that sound the same but have different meanings – but the supplement is also longer than usual. These errors are not bad enough to make it incomprehensible, and some native English speakers have made an equal number of mistakes, which is less excusable. The supplement is illustrated with a few stock art line drawings and looks okay.

This is described as being a freeform hexcrawl, but truthfully it isn’t really such. It could be used as a random encounter table as characters are travelling through the wilderness or a GM could actually add the encounters to an existing hex map, with a combination of fixed and random encounters. With some fleshing out and combining it with other material, this could be used as the base for a fairly decent wilderness encounter area. This supplement is cheap enough, even at full price, and there are quite a few decent ideas in it too, to make it definitely worth picking up. Gregorius21778: The Rockyhill Badlands can be found by clicking here.


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