A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Gregorius21778: Welcome to Junkbeach

Gregorius21778: Welcome to Junkbeach is a role playing game supplement published by Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778. This is a short supplement that is compatible with the Mutant Future system. As such, it is probably covered by the Open Game License but this is not stated nor is the license included.

This is a four page PDF which lacks bookmarks that is available from RPGNow at Pay What You Want (you choose the price; free is allowed). One page of the supplement and half is the front matter.

Gregorius21778: Welcome to JunkbeachHalf a page is on How to use this supplement, which explains that following whatever apocalyptic event caused the end of the world, the seas have had time to return all their junk to shore, creating Junkbeach.

One and a half pages are a list of 20 different encounters that can be found on a beach. These encounters include with other scavengers and mutant creatures and could be considered to be interesting, dangerous, valuable or useful, or a combination of these. One of the encounters has 6 random results for contents as well. Each is around a paragraph in length.

There is another table of 20 results taking up the final half a page. These results are less useful and are only a few words long, being by and large actual junk rather than useful junk.

Gregorius21778: Welcome to Junkbeach in Review

The PDF lacks bookmarks but at only four pages does not really need them anyway. The text is a two column format apart from the section on using the supplement. The author tends to warn (although not in this case) that he isn’t a native English speaker but only one actual error was noticed although the numbers did have the ‘#’ sign after them rather than before them as is customary. These are pretty insignificant errors. There is also a single small illustration.

The supplement does have some interesting encounters, and the secondary table of junk is a useful addition as well. It might perhaps have been nicer to have more encounters with things than people/monsters, but given that this supplement is Pay What You Want, it’s still worth it. Gregorius21778: Welcome to Junkbeach can be found by clicking here.


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