A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Goblinoid Trinkets and Treasures Volume One

Goblinoid Trinkets and Treasures Volume One by Stephen Hart is a role playing game supplement published by The Grinning Frog. The supplement is a combination of system agnostic and aimed at Dungeons & Dragons.

The supplement is available as a Pay What You Want PDF from RPGNow and has five pages, one being the front cover and one ads for other supplements.

The first page is an introduction that explains the concept behind the supplement’s design, namely to generate stories. The items’ value, skill checks, size – pocket sized essentially – and location are in this section. By and large, this introductory section is similar to those in the previous supplements, Seashore Trinkets and Pocket Finds and Shadowfell Trinkets and Pocket Finds.

Goblinoid Trinkets and Treasures Volume OneNext is a d20 table takes up about a page and a half of things that that could be found. Each has basic information that can be read to players, and, as appropriate, some information that can be found on further investigation and with successful skill checks and some information that is for the GM’s eyes.

Finally, there is a d6 table of adventure hooks, all related to goblinoids.

Goblinoid Trinkets and Treasures Volume One in Review

The PDF lacks bookmarks and with its length and the type of content these are not needed. The text follows a two column format and the tables a single column and no errors were noticed. There is a single, presumably stock, illustration on the front cover and the pages have a background. Presentation is not bad, given the supplement’s brevity.

The items that can be found are interesting and, although they rarely have value or use, could easily be thought provoking and a source of adventure hooks. Certainly players will be more interested in “A small metal spanner with a green ribbon tied to the handle.” than a few cp, probably convinced it has significance.

The six various story hooks could be used as simply rumours or perhaps a GM could develop them into more fully-fledged adventures. Certainly they are interesting to come across.

Goblinoid Trinkets and Treasures Volume One is another decent collection of things to find in a pocket and can be checked out for free by clicking here.


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