Take-Away from Domino’s Pizza on County Road South in Hull

Dominos Pizza, County Road

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The Take-Away

Domino’s Pizza, 136 County Road South, Hull, HU5 5NA.

Domino’s Pizza are the largest pizza chain in the world, specialising in pizzas and selling them for delivery or take-away. There are no facilities for eating in at the branch, and pizzas may be collected or delivered.

The Food

The pizza ordered was a Large, which comes with 10 slices and is approximately 14″ in diameter, Create Your Own with ham, mushrooms, jalapenos and garlic butter. The delivery time stated was 35 minutes, but it only took 19 to arrive. It also came with a free tub of the Garlic & Herb dip.

Despite the addition of garlic butter, the pizza did not taste that strongly of garlic. The taste was there, just not that strong. There was a goodly

Ham and Mushroom Pizza

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amount of toppings on this pizza – they hadn’t been stingy with them – and the pizza was big enough for two people. It hadn’t been cut very evenly, though, which made dividing it into portions other than two halves problematical.

My Review

The cost of the pizza came to £10.99 including delivery. There was an offer on all pizzas at the time, the Early Week Special (available Monday to Thursday), which was any size of pizza delivered for £10.99, including Create Your Own with up to four toppings. Oddly, despite the fact that it said any size of pizza was the same price, the Medium would have only cost £9.99.

Without the offer, the actual cost should have been £16.79. The pizza is nothing special, and is typical of what you might get from a take-away or Pizza Hut. What makes the difference with Domino’s Pizza is the price – it’s really expensive in comparison to most comparable places, and more expensive than even some better locations.

The offer did bring it down to a bit more reasonable price, as the full price of £16.79 would have been excessive to say the least – over double what a comparably sized pizza with comparable toppings would have been from other take-aways, and more expensive than Pizza Hut too, which at least has the justification of being a restaurant. It still cost more than a comparable take-away would, and with no justification for this. On the plus side, delivery was free, and many other take-aways would have charged for it. On the minus, those same take-aways would also have been likely to include something free for that amount of money.

The speed of delivery was very good, but otherwise there is no real reason for ordering pizzas that cost more than anywhere else. Domino’s Pizza is only really worth getting on the 2 for 1 offers, which brings the price down to usually only slightly more expensive than anywhere else.


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