Lunch at The Zachariah Pearson on Beverley Road in Hull

Zachariah Pearson

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The Zachariah Pearson, 386 Beverley Road, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU5 1LH.

Initial Impressions

The Zachariah Pearson is a J.D. Wetherspoon‘s pub on Beverley Road in Hull. There is a free car park behind the pub. The pub was visited early on a Saturday lunchtime, and was fairly busy when entered, with many tables at least partially occupied. Given the time of day, this was too early to be people eating lunch, so was presumably a leftover from breakfast.

Wetherspoon’s pubs lack table service, so to order your food you have to get a table, make a note of the number, then go to the bar to place the order and pay for it. Any other items needed require a return visit to the bar. Cutlery is brought out with the food, wrapped in a paper napkin, and bottled condiments are available in a number of racks on the tables.

Various main meals comes with a drink included in the price. The drinks are available from a range of hot, cold, soft and alcoholic drinks, although with some dishes the alcoholic drinks cost an extra £1. There are also a number of clubs available on different days through the week were themed items are available in a number of deals, such as Curry Club and Steak Club.

The Food

Two drinks were ordered. The first was a draught Pepsi, the price of which was included with the main course, and this was as good as can be expected from a draught soft drink. An alcoholic drink with this main course would have cost extra. The second was a San Pellegrino Lemon, which came in a can and was a sparkling drink with a lemon taste, although it was not too bitter.

Main Course

BBQ Hog Burger

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The main course ordered was the new BBQ Hog Burger. This is available with either a beef burger or a chicken breast; the chicken was the one ordered. The dish consists of a chicken breast – real, not reformed and not coated – served in a lightly toasted sesame seed bun, along with barbeque pulled pork, grated cheese, lettuce, sliced red onion and sliced tomato. The burger is held together with a skewer.

It is accompanied with a portion of chips and six onion rings, although three of the onion rings were served in the burger and the other three were served on the plate.

The chicken was genuine chicken, although without the barbeque sauce from the pork it would probably have been a bit on the dry side. Fortunately, with the barbecue sauce, this wasn’t a problem. The onion rings were also genuine, made from actual rings of onion rather than being reformed. The chips were a little bit overdone and the portion was not as generous as it could have been. Otherwise, there were no problems with this dish. It tasted fine enough, all the ingredients were fresh, and it was at an appropriate temperature.

It would have been possible to “double up” the burger for an extra £1.25, in which another beef burger ort, in this case, chicken breast is added to the dish.


Carrot Cake

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The dessert was a Carrot Cake. The cake was a layer cake with some sort of cream filling and a cream glaze. The cake was moist and quite sweet. The glaze was a soft one, not a hard one. There were pistachio and walnut pieces in the cake, as well as what appeared to be raisins or similar dried grape.

The size of the serving was decent enough, and this was quite tasty.

My Review

The cost of the meal including drinks came to £9.07. The service for the main course was slow, with it taking over 20 minutes to serve the burger – there appeared to be insufficient staff to cope with the level of custom. The dessert, on the other hand, was served much quicker, only a minute or two after ordering it. The carrot cake looked to have been served directly from the bar, rather than the kitchen.

Having to return to the bar to order more food is inconvenient when visiting by yourself, especially during busy times, as you have to leave the table, which could result in someone either taking the table, or possibly any belongings that have been left. It is therefore better to visit during quieter periods when on your own.

Other than that, The Zachariah Pearson served a decent quality of food for a decent price.


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