Lunch at the Pizza Hut on Althorp Road in Kingswood in Hull

Pizza Hut, Kingswood

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Pizza Hut, Althorp Road, Kingswood Retail Park, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU7 3DA.

Initial Impressions

This Pizza Hut has its own car park and is in Kingswood Retail Park,  a primarily shopping and retail park north of Hull, with a nearby leisure park that has a number of other eating places.

The branch was visited on a weekday lunchtime and was not very busy, with only a few occupied tables. The food available was from the Main Menu and the Buffet Menu; there is also a Happy Hour menu available between 3PM and 6PM on weekdays. The Buffet Menu is available Monday to Friday from opening time, 11:30 AM, until 3PM, except on Bank Holidays, and features a selection of pizzas, a seasoned pizza bread dish, two pasta dishes, one of which is vegetarian, and the salad bar, as well as several side dishes available at prices less than they are on the main menu. The salad bar has a range of fresh vegetables, premade dishes, toppings, dressings and flavoured oils. With the exception of the side dishes, as much or as little food as desired can be had.

On entering you are shown to a table. Cutlery is available on the table, along with salt and pepper, Tabasco sauce and crushed chillies.

The Food

The food ordered was the Buffet, as well as an unlimited Pepsi Max, with three refills. The drink quality was as good as can be expected from a draught soft drink. Several draught soft drinks are available which, once ordered, are refilled free of charge. After ordering, you make your way to the buffet and salad bar, collect a plate, and help yourself from what is available.

On the first visit to the buffet, there were only three pizzas, deep pan Margherita, a thin crust Chicken Delight (chicken breast, mozzarella, red onions and sliced mushrooms) and a thin crust Veggie Supreme (spinach, cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers, red onions and mushrooms), as well as some of the seasoned pizza bread. There were only a few slices of each left.

On the second visit, there was none of the bread dish left and the original pizzas had gone, to be replaced with a lot of new pizzas. These were a thin crust Chicken and Sweetcorn, a thin crust Margherita, which was a bit overdone, a deep pan Blazin’ Inferno (double pepperoni, chilli peppers and jalapeño peppers), a deep pan BBQ Americano (BBQ sauce, chicken breast, bacon & sweet corn and a BBQ drizzle) and a deep pan half Hawaiian (ham and pineapple), half Beef and Red Onion.

On the third visit the same pizzas that were there on the previous visit were still available, as well as a new dish of the seasoned bread.

The pizzas selected were a slice of deep pan Margherita and one of the thin crust Chicken Delight as well as two pieces of the seasoned bread from the first visit, all of which were a bit on the cool side, suggesting they had been out a while, a slice of thin crust Margherita and one of the deep pan Blazin’ Inferno from the second visit and from the third visit another slice of the deep pan Blazin’ Inferno and one of deep pan Beef and Red Onion and two more pieces of bread.

From the salad bar were chosen some potato salad, some sliced red onions, some silverskin onions, some jalapeños, some bacon flavour bits, salsa and tortilla chips and blue cheese dressing.

My Review

When the restaurant’s buffet is not very busy, pizzas are not brought out that frequently, as the place waits for those that are done to go, which means the selection can be quite poor. This visit had, by luck, a decent amount of choice available after the first visit.

The service was good and prompt for drink refills, despite the fact that the self service buffet means that customers don’t need to be watched as closely as would normally be the case

Individually, the soft drinks are quite expensive for one drink, but the unlimited refills make them good value for money after two (or more) are ordered. Three in total were had on this visit. The pizzas themselves are not spectacular, but are generally perfectly fine. The buffet does make the type of pizza a bit erratic, as well as their being a chance that there will be nothing you like or that the pizzas will have been out for longer than they should, but this is the acceptable price for not ordering from the main menu and having no real limit to the amount that can be selected.

Overall, the Pizza Hut buffet provides decent value for money – said value increasing as more is eaten – and a meal that is enjoyable enough, with a fairly wide range of salad items.


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