Lunch at Darley’s on Boothferry Road in Hessle

Darley's, Hessle

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Darley’s, 312 Boothferry Road, Hessle, East Yorkshire, HU13 9AR.

Initial Impressions

Darley’s is a Hungry Horse venue in Hessle. It was visited early on a Wednesday afternoon after normal lunch hours, and was fairly quiet.

There is free parking to the front and rear of the pub.

There are various meal offers available throughout the week, such as free drinks, reduced price meals, and multi-buy savings. Wednesday is Curry Club, where you can get a curry and a Big Deal drink for £4.99.

When entering, you have to find a table, choose what you want from the menu, and then order your food and drinks at the bar. You pay for it at the same time. There is no table service, so when you want to order more, you have to return to the bar. Your food is brought to the table when it is ready.

A metal bucket containing cutlery, sauces in both individual packets and bottles and napkins is brought to your table after ordering.

The Food

The drink ordered was a bottle of Coca Cola which, although refrigerated, was not actually that cold.

The food was Sizzling Skewers, in which you choose two skewers from the three available, chicken, southern fried chicken and vegetable. You can have different skewers, and you can pay extra for a third. The skewers come with a variety of different sauces.

The dish is served on a wooden platter with two inserts, one of which is for the skewers, which are served on a very hot metal platter. Two skewers were ordered, one chicken and one southern fried chicken, and the hottest sauce, Habanero , was chosen. The skewers came with fried sliced red, green and yellow peppers and onions.

The other insert is for the chips, three battered onion rings and a dressed salad of sliced red onion, red and yellow pepper slices, sliced tomato and sliced cucumber.

When the dish was ordered, the staff member stated that the Habanero was very hot. Despite the warning, the sauce was not that hot if you are are at all accustomed to hot sauces. There was plenty of chicken on each skewer – it looked to be about a chicken breast fillet on each, and the chicken was nicely cooked. The chips and onion rings had also been cooked perfectly.

My Review

The meal came to a total of £10.84 including the drink. The lack of table service is a disadvantage when eating by yourself, as this means you have to leave the table to order more.

The meal was reasonable value for money, comparable to otehr, similar places, although the price was a bit higher than you’d get elsewhere. The food is better value for money when using the offers, especially those that include drinks, although the drink range is a bit limited, unlike a Wetherspoon’s pub. Otherwise, it was a decent enough meal with decent enough service.


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