Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Warlocks Journal #20 – Chronomancy Spells

Warlocks Journal #20 – Chronomancy Spells is a role playing game supplement published by Tiny Gork. This is the 20th in a series of competitions that is hosted by different publishers; this one being for May 2015. The journal is a collection of entries for the competition by different authors; in this case, a collection of chronomantic spells that are under 250 words in length and system neutral.

Warlocks Journal #20 - Chronomancy SpellsThis is a twelve page PDF, one page of which is the front cover, one page the front matter and one page a descriptive text on the origins of the journal. Seven pages each then have a single entry for the competition, one spell to a page, starting with the winner. The final two pages of the supplement are one page of adverts for Tiny Gork products and one page promoting the publisher’s newsletter and social pages.

Of the seven entries, four are by the same author. The spells are as follows:

The Time-Loop Curse

The winning entry, this curse spell captures the target in a time-loop if certain conditions are met, from which they will only be freed if another set of conditions are met.

Time Seal

This spell seals an era of time against travel from another era.

Time Stop

Stops time for one hour or less.

Deja Vu

The target of the spell repeats the events of the previous minute.

Immaterial Immortality

This spell is a rather confusing read, as it’s basically prose. It would seem, from the title, to be an immortality spell.

Stitch in Time

This spell closes time rifts.

Time Bubble

This spell protects the target in a time bubble for a minute.

The PDF lacks bookmarks, but is short enough to not really need them. The only illustrations are the front cover and sections of this which have been used on the pages. No errors were noted in the text.

The spells themselves vary quite a bit, which is not a surprise, considering they are from different authors. Some will only really be useful in a setting where time travel using magic is common. Others are more generally useful examples of chronomancy. Adapting the spells for a specific system will not be the easiest thing to do – chronomancy can be powerful enough to unbalance a game if the GM isn’t careful. Still, Warlocks Journal #20 – Chronomancy Spells can be a source of inspiration for new spells, and it’s free, so click here to get it.


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