Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: The Druidic Routes – Jigsaw Fantasy Freebie

The Druidic Routes – Jigsaw Fantasy Freebie by Loz Hensel is a free generic role playing game supplement published by Artemis Games. The supplement provides details on a type of travel route.

This is an eight page PDF which is available from RPGNow. One page of the PDF is the front cover and one page the Credits.

It starts by giving the different names for the Druidic Routes (one of which is Ley Lines; perhaps not technically accurate as ley lines are drawn as straight lines and the routes are not). It gives an overview as to what they are; little more than dirt tracks or animal paths it might appear.

The Druidic Routes - Jigsaw Fantasy FreebieNext is travel on the routes. They are popular as they allow travellers to go from place to place quickly and safely, with even obstacles placed so that they are not inconvenient. The routes are also resistant to change; trying to build too close to them causes buildings to collapse and trying to improve them causes the improvements to be destroyed – but in such a way that the route is still as usable as it was before.

The origin of the routes is next. They were created by druids as a means of quickly and safely travelling across the world during a demon (or daemon; both terms are used) invasion. The creators were all wiped out so the routes were never dismantled again as originally intended.

Finally covered are those looking into the routes, for being able to create such, and create them between cities, would be useful.

There are a couple of Jigsaw footnotes; these give a way of incorporating the routes into the 13th Age and what could be considered as a bunch of adventure hooks.

The PDF is bookmarked with the three sections and Credits linked. Navigation is therefore good for a small supplement.

The text maintains a single column format, in Artemis Games’ not quite difficult to read font, and no errors were spotted. There are a couple of internal illustrations, stock images of old paintings. Presentation is therefore okay.

The routes themselves are interesting. Being a safe way of travelling, characters will undoubtedly find a use for them, as will others, even if they don’t lead precisely where desired. The original origin and the desire to find a way of creating new routes are also significant adventure hooks. The Druidic Routes can provide an interesting means of travel for a setting that could be stumbled upon by accident.

The Druidic Routes – Jigsaw Fantasy Freebie is an interesting little supplement and it can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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