Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: The Dragon and the Convent – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin

The Dragon and the Convent – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin by Loz Hensel is a free role playing game supplement published by Artemis Games. This is a generic supplement and a sample from Five Exotic Dragons, with this sample providing background on a single dragon.

This is a six page PDF with one page being the front cover and one page the Credits, with the remainder of the supplement detailing a specific dragon.

The dragon in question, at a very young age, attacked a convent but was hurt badly. Instead of the dragon being killed by soldiers who had responded to the attack, the nuns convinced them to spare her, for being only a child. Over the years, the dragon was taught religious scripture and came to regret her youthful actions. Now, she has become the convent’s Mother Superior, providing defence for the local area and convincing bandits to give up their criminal activities, using scripture and the threat of violence. The convent itself has benefited from this, and the dragon has built up a substantial horse.

The Dragon and the Convent - Jigsaw Fantasy NogginAs with all jigsaw pieces, there are jigsaw footnotes in this, two in all. One explains who the convent’s deity is and gives suggestions for appropriate deities in two other worlds, the World of Greyhawk and Westeros from A Song of Ice and Fire. The other gives suggestions as to what type of dragon, in worlds where there are multiple types, is appropriate.

The PDF is bookmarked with all the sections linked, making navigation very good for its length.

The text maintains a single column format in Artemis Games’ slightly awkward to read standard font and no errors were noticed. There are a couple of colour illustrations inside the supplement; these would appear to be stock photographs. Presentation is therefore okay.

No stats are provided for the dragon, making it suitable for any system with a bit of work. Instead there is an extensive write-up of the dragon’s background which, together with the jigsaw notes, should give an idea as to stats (some sort of priest or cleric spell-casting skills would probably be appropriate for the Mother Superior of a convent, even if they are a dragon).

The Dragon and the Convent – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin provides a nicely detailed and rather unusual NPC, even if it does lack stats, and it can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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