Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Snow White Mini-Dungeons

The Snow White Mini-Dungeons are a series of seven supplements published by AAW Games for use with their Snow White mega-adventure. They are all short supplements for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and are covered by the Open Game License.

Snow White Mini-DungeonsEach supplement follows the format seen in the regular Mini-Dungeons published by AAW Games, being available in both PDF and as a print on demand card. In the case of these, the PDFs are free, but the cards cost $0.99 each. Each PDF, and card, is only two pages in length. In order to do this, and save on space, the stats of creatures are not provided, but instead are hyperlinked to pages on d20PFSRD

The Open Game License is also hyperlinked, rather than being included.


This adventure is for 3-4 characters of level3-4. Several connected hooks can lead the players to Fitcher’s in Morsain. Fitcher is a necromancer and taxidermist who is assembling bits of bodies to create “perfect” zombies. His shop is quite small, but Fitcher’s actions are detailed quite thoroughly.

The Spirit Bottle

Set in the town of Morsain and for 3-4 characters of level 4-5, The Spirit Bottle is a dive of a drinking establishment, that the players may be visiting using several provided hooks. Nothing is what it seems, and the half-orc owner is not what she seems to be. Various potentially dangerous threats are in the establishment, and there are a number of valuable bottles as a reward.

The Army Surgeons

Another set in Morsain, this is for 3-4 characters of levels 2-3. This is a small shop run by two former military clerics who now create zombies. They haven’t been seen in a while, because some of their zombies have broken control, and there are a few hooks to get players interested.

Glass Golem Go-Round

This adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 6-8 is less a mini-dungeon than it is a supplementary encounter. Set in the palace in Morsain, a glass golem – the sole monster – attacks and attempts to abduct the princess.

Cabin Catastrophe

This adventure is for 4-6 characters of level 6-8, and doesn’t feature any actual creatures. Instead, the cabin of the Huntsman, who has fled as part of the main Snow White storyline, has been left guarded by a number of traps, some set by him and others more a result of players being there.

Campsite in the Woods

This adventure is for 3-4 characters of level 6. This isn’t a dungeon, but a number of encounters in the Haunted Woods as the players are looking for a safe place to camp for the night. Not all the stats are hyperlinked in this one, as some of the encounters are with monsters detailed in the main Snow White supplement.

Entrance to the Forest Maze

This one is for 3-4 characters of level 6. This is a small maze which the players get trapped in by some feyfolk, and there are several encounters in it. This supplement also has several references to material in the main Snow White book.

None of the PDFs are bookmarked, but at two pages each, bookmarks are not needed. Each maintains a two column format and seemed pretty much error free. The maps are the main illustrations and they are of a good quality given the size and price of the PDFs; surprisingly good in fact. Unmarked maps for players, or a layered PDF allowing their creation, would have been a plus, though.

The lack of stats does mean that an internet connection is needed to play the game, either to make a note of the relevant stats beforehand, or whilst playing. This is true even with the printed card.

One thing was noticed was that many of the adventures are actually below the recommended level for the main Snow White adventure, despite being linked with Snow White and being small side quests in the main adventure.

Many can easily be dropped into other settings without any problems, but Glass Golem Go-Round is an encounter, not a dungeon, and one that is not that easy to adapt, as it would basically need rewriting. Campsite in the Woods and Entrance to the Forest Maze both require the Snow White supplement to run, as details on some of the things and creatures encountered are otherwise missing.

Other than that, the Snow White Mini-Dungeons are a collection of nice, small encounters that have a superior level of presentation, and they’re free, so click here to get them.


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