Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: OP3 – Peat’s Bog

OP3 – Peat’s Bog is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. This is a solo adventure for a single, 5th level character and a DM. The exact system that it is aimed at isn’t specified, but it appears to be for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

This is a short, four page PDF which lacks bookmarks. The front cover is the now-standard grey version denoting a free supplement, with a piece of stock art of a bog or swamp on it. One page has two more stock images that are intended to denote places in the bog and one page has a player’s map of the region (which would appear to have been done in Hexographer from Inkwell Ideas) and which lacks labels and some of the points of interest that would need discovering. The final page is the adventure itself.

OP3 - Peat's BogThe adventure has another version of the player’s map, reduced in size and annotated with five encounters, several of which can be found in different places, as well as some areas missing from the player’s version and four random encounter zones, two of which are identical. The encounter areas are briefly described and there are stats for various creatures.

The text is fairly brief, with no major errors noted, and has a larger column for the area descriptions and primary encounters and a narrower one for the random encounters. The player is requested to take a look in the bog to follow up recent reports of Lizardmen in the area in a small community they stop at, and is intended to give an XP boost to a character who may have fallen behind.

The encounter zones are, on the map, both coloured and numbered whilst in the text they are only coloured, which can initially lead to the belief that the numbers denote something else.

Although aimed at D&D 5th Edition, it should be relatively simple to convert to other systems. The adventure is also setting neutral, and could be dropped into suitable areas in most settings. The adventure should prove challenging in parts for one player, with some useful rewards, and is a pretty simple wilderness hex crawl to run.

OP3 – Peat’s Bog is a decent, if extremely short, single player adventure that should take a lot longer to run than it does to read, and it’s free, so click here to get it.


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