Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: My Little Yeti Ranch – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin

My Little Yeti Ranch – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin by Amy Coffey is a free generic role playing game supplement published by Artemis Games.

This is a seven page PDF which is available from RPGNow. One page is the front cover and one page the Credits.

The supplement gives an overview of Ya-Dred Park, otherwise known as My Little Yeti Ranch, several thousand acres where different varieties of yetis are bred to get different colours. This section gives an overview of the ranch’s history, how it was won from a demon by the present rancher, an elf/troll hybrid called McGell, the latter also putting the wild god Ya-Dred out of its misery, the god having been extensively tortured by the demon, and how McGell now treats the yetis better.

My Little Yeti Ranch - Jigsaw Fantasy NogginNext is Selling Yetis. McGell takes better care of the Yetis, but he still sells them and kills them to make money. McGell is picky about who he sells live yeti to, only choosing owners who will care for them. Should McGell make a mistake and sell a yeti to a cruel owner he will hire adventurers to deal with the owner. This section also has details on some of the uses yeti parts can be put to.

Finally, there are new magic items derived from yetis. These are Inhuman Powder, which gives the user a boost in strength, endurance, health and energy and Eternal Essence, that can give an imbiber eternal life.

The last section is the Jigsaw connections, footnotes which suggest how to use the supplement in different settings, provide extra details or link to other Artemis products. The footnotes in this PDF suggest where to place the ranch in the World of Greyhawk, who Ya-Dred could be in Greek and Norse myth, using yetis as familiars and how an icy setting might store yeti meat.

The PDF lacks bookmarks which are not essential but would have been appreciated. Navigation is below average. The text maintains a single column format, written in Artemis Games’ standard slightly inconvenient to read font, and no errors were noticed. There are a couple of stock photos used as illustrations. Presentation is okay.

This supplement on reading may seem rather strange; the common name of the ranch, the idea of raising them for various reasons, and the supposed properties of some of the yeti parts, including but not limited to the eternal life potion that can be created. It should be noted that this is a supplement that was released for April Fool’s Day, and is therefore not entirely serious. Certainly, care should be taken before using this supplement in any setting in a serious way. This is a fairly light supplement and should really be taken that way. My Little Yeti Ranch – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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