Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FT – Miles Away – Wynn Bay

FT – Miles Away – Wynn Bay is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. The supplement is intended for use with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D 2nd Edition systems. The FT supplement series primarily covers settlements. This particular one describes the small settlement of Miles Away on Numb Island (which is itself covered in the supplement FA8 – Numb Island).

FT - Miles Away - Wynn Bay

Adventures in Filbar

This is a thirteen page PDF without bookmarks. The first page is the Adventures in Filbar logo and two pages consist of two maps of the town, one labelled with numbers, the other not. Around half a page gives an overview of the town, which is a mining settlement that has made a deal with a nearby dragon, swapping resources for being left alone, and about a third of a page is a black and white photograph, presumably public domain, of a settlement. Most of the rest of the supplement details the 25 different locations in the town, with about a third of a page taken up after location 16 with an overview of the town after a second trip, or at higher levels.

Each location in the village covers what it is, the businesses and services that may be available there, and an overview of one or more non-player encounters who can be found there. There are some references to things that are probably covered in FA8. The maps appear to have been created using image software of some type, and Miles Away lacks a wall, although it does have a harbour chain. The descriptions cover the settlement at two dates. After the second visit or later visit there are new locations – 17 to 25 – and some old ones have been destroyed.

There are no stats given for any of the non-player characters, making them easily adaptable to other systems, although using them with any system in particular will require them to be generated. This is much more of a generic supplement than it is one tied to the AD&D system. It also isn’t really tied to a specific location; although it is located on Numb Island, it would work anywhere that a settlement could have a harbour, be near to a mine, and have a potential dragon threat. This makes it easily adaptable to other game worlds, not just the Filbar setting. There are no specific adventure hooks really provided, but there are a number of things mentioned in the descriptions and details that could be used as such. FT – Miles Away – Wynn Bay will work as a location in most fantasy settings and systems if one is needed. Download it for free now by clicking this link.


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