Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FT – Kelick’s Crossing

FT – Kelick’s Crossing is a free role playing game supplement from Adventures in Filbar set in the original campaign area, and therefore aimed at Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D 2nd Edition games. This is number 22 in the FT range of supplements, which primarily cover urban areas.

This is a twelve page PDF, of which one page is the front cover, bearing a general large scale area map (which would appear to have been done in Inkwell IdeasHexographer software), although the location itself isn’t marked on it. There are two pages of colour maps of the town, one labelled for the GameMaster and one without labels for players (these would appear to have been done in Cityographer, also from Inkwell Ideas).

FT - Kelick's CrossingKelick’s Crossing is a town that has something of a frontier nature and caters to adventurers. There is a mention of Filbar’s important organisation the Caravan Masters, although they have no presence in the town itself. Slightly over a page gives a general overview of the town, including recent improvements made and further ones planned.

The town itself is divided into five districts. There are a list of the places in each district (every building would appear to be used), giving the building’s name or business and important non-player characters in it, giving their name, race, if non-human, and attitude.

There is then a listing for further inhabitants, covered in the same level of detail (although the title, Miscellaneous People, is at the bottom of the preceding page). There is then a page of rumours and overhead conversation followed by another page of NPC descriptions (again, the title is on the previous page), only giving their physical descriptions rather than their names or occupations.

No errors other than the two titles being on previous pages were noticed in the single column layout. Although the setting is aimed at AD&D and AD&D 2nd Edition, it lacks any stats, making it system neutral. This isn’t as useful as some of the earlier FT offerings, even though the production quality is higher, simply because nothing is covered in the same level of detail as these, only brief overviews are given. Still, FT – Kelick’s Crossing is a decent base to build a town around, and it could be dropped into most settings without much trouble, and it’s free, so click here to get it now.


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