Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FT – Antioch – Kingdom of Nirack

FT – Antioch – Kingdom of Nirack is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. This is an entry in the FT series of supplements which primarily cover urban areas. In this case, it is the city of Antioch, capital of the Kingdom of Nirack, and the location for the adventure FC8 – Epistle to the Pasha of Poncetalla. Antioch is a port city with a lot of income coming from the slave trade. The supplement is aimed at the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D 2nd Edition game systems.

This is a sixteen page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page of the PDF is the front cover featuring the Adventures in Filbar logo, one page is an annotated map of the city, which would appear to have been created in RPG Citymap Generator, and one page has two stock photographs, one intended to illustrate the city’s lighthouse and the other Nirack’s currency.

FT - Antioch - Kingdom of NirackSlightly over one page gives an overview of the city, the kingdom and its leader, the Nirack. The city itself is quite wealthy although the rest of the kingdom is poor. The remainder of the supplement describes various locations in the city. There are four lettered areas and 35 numbered locations. Each of these has an overview of what the place is, whether residence, shop, tavern, other business location or religious or governmental building. A primary NPC for each location, and occasionally secondary ones, are also usually covered, as well as what goods or services might be available.

The PDF lacks bookmarks which are not essential but which would have been useful. The text maintains the publisher’s single column bordered format, with a few minor, primarily grammatical, errors noticed. The map of the city, whilst not spectacular, does its job, and the two stock images are adequate.

Antioch the city has a rather Arabian feel to it, with the exception of the two most famous buildings, the lighthouse and the library. These convey more of an Alexandrian impression, given that the two most famous buildings in that city were also its lighthouse and library.

Although the city is the capital of a kingdom, its feel is more that of a city-state. This makes it easier to reuse outside of the Filbar setting, as it could simply be used as a city-state, perhaps one in the middle of a desert, rather than as part of a larger political organisation.

The city itself is well described with many details on the various locations. The only part that might be considered odd is the amount of empty space inside the walls, and the fact that every map location is described, making the city feel rather small for a city. The supplement may be stated as being aimed at the AD&D game, but there are no game stats at all, so using it with other systems will not be a problem.

FT – Antioch – Kingdom of Nirack is a decent, small, Arabian-styled city, and it’s free, so click here to get it.


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