Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FT – Andju Village

FT – Andju Village is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. The FT range of supplements primarily describe urban areas of different sizes; this describes a village, albeit one that is growing. A newly-titled viscount has been granted the area and is having a new fortress built. This has resulted in many new, under construction, businesses moving into the settlement. The supplement is primarily intended for use with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D 2nd Edition systems.

This is a fifteen page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page is the cover, featuring the Adventures in Filbar logo and two pages have a map of the village, said map appearing to have been created in RPG Citymap Generator, and three menus from various eating establishments in the village.

FT - Andju VillageAround two thirds of a page gives background on the current expansion of the village and the new viscount as well as general descriptions of the area, which is good farmland. The remainder of the supplement describes 42 locations in the village, which would seem to include every single house. Of these locations, 11 are under construction and one is the temporary residences of those working on building various things.

Each location, which includes shops, businesses and personal residences, has its name and the name of its owner or primary NPC if appropriate. Details on the NPC and what the shop or business provides are also given. In some cases there may be another NPC mentioned briefly.

The PDF lacks bookmarks which aren’t necessary for one of this length but which would have been a nice extra. The text maintains a single column format with a border and a few minor errors were noticed. The village map, whilst not spectacular, does do its job. The addition of the three menus, which can be printed out and handed to players, is a nice touch.

Although this may be intended for the AD&D game, there are no NPC or other stats given, so it is instead system-agnostic. Similarly, it is also part of the Filbar campaign but it could be used in other settings without too much difficulty. There is a reference to the Caravan Masters, an important institution in the Filbar setting, Andju itself being originally founded by them, and several references to the nearby town of Bixatel, as well as a few other minor ones to regions and locations in the setting. These can all be easily changed to something appropriate; they are simply references, not actual ties.

There are various hooks and threads and potential problems connecting a number of the NPCs, making the community actually seem more living. FT – Andju Village is a nice little urban location that can be easily used in most fantasy settings and it can be found for free by clicking here.


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