Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FQ0 – Codex Of Gamber Dauch

FQ0 – Codex Of Gamber Dauch is a free role playing game supplement from Adventures in Filbar. It is intended for use with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D 2nd Edition game systems. The FQ series of supplements is a series of adventures based around retrieving pages from the Codex, an artefact, and is for characters starting at level 1 and finishing at level 8. The series is, like the other supplements from Adventures in Filbar, set in the world of Filbar. This supplement is an overview of the series.

FQ0 - Codex Of Gamber DauchThis is a ten page PDF without bookmarks. One page is the Adventures in Filbar logo, as usual. One page has a list of the supplements in this adventure series. There is a one page annotated hex map of the Bast region. Slightly over one page gives a Player’s Background for the Codex, and a similar amount for the DM, the latter covering the enemies who are also searching for the Codex. The remainder of the book is taken up by images; tow of these are emblems of the PC’s foes, the other seven are intended to be sample pages from the Codex.

The map appears to have been created in computer graphics software, although there does not appear to be a map key to go with it. The various images appear to be stock photographs of some type. The background for the adventure is good, although limited.

This may be intended for the AD&D system, and similar d20/Old School Revival systems, but there are no stats at all, so system conversion will not be a problem. This is very definitely not a standalone supplement though. There are no details on the adventures, other than a list, and only an overview of the potential foes and the Codex. This supplement will be a useful companion for the rest of the FQ series. Other than serving as that, FQ0 – Codex Of Gamber Dauch has no real use other than as possible inspiration, as it lacks the content required to stand by itself as anything. However, it is still free and can be downloaded by clicking this link.


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