Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: FO2 – Forstal’s Final Rest

FO2 – Forstal’s Final Rest is a free role playing game supplement from Adventures in Filbar intended for use with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D 2nd Edition game systems, set in the world of Filbar. This is the second in the FO series of adventures, apparently the author’s original campaign, and is aimed at a low level group of adventurers.

This is an 11 page PDF lacking bookmarks. The front page is, as usual, the Adventures in Filbar logo. Roughly two thirds of a page is the Player’s Background for the area and roughly a page is the DM’s. There is a one page map of the cavern system from the adventure. One page has two photographs, intended to be images of a couple of locations in the cave system. The remainder of the supplement is a description of the cavern system itself.

FO2 - Forstal's Final RestThe cavern map looks like it was originally hand-drawn and typed on; the two photographs are presumably royalty-free images of some type. There is an extensive background to the current events, from both the DM’s and the players’ perspectives. Each location in the cavern system has a description that can be read out to the players, as well as notes for the DM.

As is common in these supplements, there are occasional minor errors in the text, but nothing serious. This cavern system itself should be easily translatable to other game settings, not just the Filbar one, as there is nothing specifically to tie it to that one. at most, changing the name of the town will probably do, and it can be used in a suitable area. The adventure itself will work best with Old School Revival game systems, but could be translated to other systems with similar monsters. There are reasons for the two different types of monsters to be living together, something that is not always the case. FO2 – Forstal’s Final Rest is a decent, small adventure that holds together well and is suitable for most fantasy settings. Click here to get it for free.


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