Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: F2 – Crypt of Kendall Furfoot

F2 – Crypt of Kendall Furfoot is a free role playing game supplement published by Adventures in Filbar. The adventure is primarily aimed at the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D 2nd Edition games. It is the second supplement in the F series.

This is a sixteen page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page is the front cover, featuring the Adventures in Filbar logo, two pages have three maps and two pages have five stock photographs, intended to illustrate various parts of the adventure.

Around one and a third pages are the Players and DM’s Background. The crypt is that of a powerful healer and is in the dungeon where he died whilst looking for a healing pendant.

F2 - Crypt of Kendall FurfootAround two pages cover the above ground area of the crypt and outside it, which is occupied by a cyclops. The cyclops is stated as being too powerful for the players to risk confronting directly, so they will need to trick him in some way.

Seven pages cover the Dungeon of Kendall Furfoot. The dungeon consists of two levels, an upper level which has been cleaned out and which holds the actual crypt and a lower level which is still occupied by undead and is also the location of the pendant in question.

The PDF lacks bookmarks, which would have been nice but are not essential. The text maintains a one column format with a couple of errors noticed. The maps are in colour, but are basic. They do the intended job though. Similarly, the stock photographs, whilst not precisely illustrating what they are supposed to, do an adequate job. Each location has a description followed by notes for the DM.

The adventure itself has a couple of interesting points. The first is that the cyclops must be defeated by thinking, not combat. The second is the presence of skeletons on both levels of the dungeon. On the upper level, these skeletons are all inanimate, but the various DM sections mention ways of making players thinking that they are undead. By the time they get to the second level, players will probably be disregarding any skeletons, having made multiple errors regarding them – but on the second level the skeletons are actually undead.

There are some stats provided for the monsters, but it should be easy enough to adapt the adventure to other Old School systems. More modern ones such as Pathfinder will require a little more work. The adventure is also not really that linked to the Filbar setting – there are no mentions of it – so it can easily be dropped into another setting.

Although it is not explicitly stated anywhere, this is a definite sequel to F1 – Zombie Curse. The healing pendant has the ability to cure a number of people of the curse, which is stated, implying that is why the players are looking for it, so it’s logical for the two to be linked.

F2 – Crypt of Kendall Furfoot is a nice little dungeon crawl that can easily be used in other settings, and it’s free, so click here to get it.


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