Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Crofton’s Cutlery – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin

Crofton’s Cutlery – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin by Loz Hensel is a free generic role playing game supplement published by Artemis Games. This short supplement details three unusual magic items.

This is an eight page PDF available from RPGNow. One page is the front cover and two pages are the Credits and Thanks.

The supplement begins with a brief history of the magic items. The Crofton family – father, mother and daughter – were sacrificed by a necromancer who wished to harvest their souls. The ritual went wrong, unknown to the necromancer, and the souls went into the family cutlery, a knife, fork and spoon.

Crofton's Cutlery - Jigsaw Fantasy NogginNext are descriptions of each of the items of enchanted cutlery, each of which is possessed by a different family member. None of these items look to be much more than fairly unimpressive pieces of cutlery, but all have unusual, albeit minor, abilities, connected to food and family. The souls within the items can be spoken to, if the correct procedures are done.

There are two jigsaw links in this supplement, footnotes with suggestions for using it. The first mentions the ritual the necromancer needed the soul for; no specifics are given but some suggestions are. The second link has a suggestion for using the cutlery with another product, The Royal Panoply of Annem Ka – Jigsaw Fantasy.

The PDF lacks bookmarks although these, despite its brevity, would have been appreciated. Navigation is fairly poor.

The text maintains a single column format in Artemis Games’ slightly uncomfortable to read standard decorative font and a couple of minor errors were noted. There are a couple of illustrations, both free stock images. Presentation is okay.

The items themselves are interesting and a bit different. Intelligent magic items possessing souls that can be interacted with, but items which are not of any awesome power. In fact, the power they have is incredibly minor. What the necromancer was after is not gone into in any great detail, but there could always be an adventure created around finding out that the cutlery is occupied by murdered souls, locating all three items, and perhaps freeing the souls in some way.

Crofton’s Cutlery – Jigsaw Fantasy Noggin has some interesting, and different, very minor but unique magic items, and it can be found for free by clicking here.


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