Free Role Playing Game Supplement Review: Antonio, a Mortal Soul Trader – Jigsaw Fantasy

Antonio, a Mortal Soul Trader – Jigsaw Fantasy by Ste Coffey is a free generic role playing game supplement published by Artemis Games. This is a sampler for the publisher’s supplement The Soul Economy, and describes a single non-player character.

This is a five page PDF of which one page is the front cover and one is the credits. The remainder of the supplement describes the titular Antonio.

Antonio, a Mortal Soul Trader - Jigsaw FantasyThe main piece from which this is taken considers what type of beings might want to collect souls. According to this, some mortals do not take the easy route of sacrificing victims, but instead purchase the soul for use after the individual has died. Antonio has abilities that allow him to value gems and jewellery. Being the last of his tribe, he is collecting the stolen souls of his ancestors in the hopes of resurrecting them. He also buys souls, and the downside of an individual moving away from their soulstone is covered.

There are several jigsaw pieces in the text, footnotes that link to other pieces from the publisher or provide more information.

Antonio, a Mortal Soul Trader – Jigsaw Fantasy in Review

The PDF has bookmarks, but these do not cover more than the start of the trader and the thanks to Patreon supporters. The supplement is short so navigation is okay.

The text maintains a single column format and no errors were noticed. The font is unusual; not so strange as to make it difficult to read but not entirely comfortable either. There are a couple of colour illustrations that depict soulstones. Presentation is on the whole decent.

There are no stats for Antonio, allowing him to be used in any setting, although stats will need generating in such a case. The concept of soul trading is interesting, but this piece is more of a teaser piece than one which will stand on its own. The jigsaw links help tie it to other products, if desired.

Antonio is an interesting NPC and the supplement does make the full The Soul Economy supplement look interesting. Antonio, a Mortal Soul Trader – Jigsaw Fantasy can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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