Emer Atlas III: The Southeast by Terry K. Amthor

Emer Atlas III: The Southeast by Terry K. Amthor is a role playing game supplement for the Shadow World setting.

This is a role-playing game supplement, primarily for the various Rolemaster rulesets, and the third of four planned atlases covering Emer, the largest continent on the world of Kulthea. The two earlier atlases, covering the north-east and north-west, are, at the time of writing, currently unavailable as they are being redone and expanded. The actual stats for the Rolemaster systems are at the end of chapters and sections, and take up a minority of the book, with some references to items and non-player characters within the text also having minor RM-specific details. As a reference book for another game system, much of the content should be easy to convert.

Emer Atlas III: The SoutheastThe supplement is available both as a watermarked PDF and as a print on demand hardcover and softcover book from RPGNow.

The book is divided into various sections; History covers Kulthean history in a timeline and Climate, Geography & Inhabitants gives an overview of those topics. The next five sections cover different areas of south-east Emer, with details on specific places as well.

After the area breakdowns, there is a detailing of the influence of Other Powers, both countries and organisations, some quite powerful, in the region, a section of adventure ideas and then maps of the region and some more charts.

Kulthea is an interesting place – it is a high fantasy setting, but with remnants of technology left over from several advanced races and civilizations, one of which (the second most highly advanced) has extensive ruins in this area which are described, along with their technology. There are therefore some items which combine both magic and technology.

The supplement is nicely illustrated with a number of large (up to full page) colour illustrations, as well as a number of minimally coloured building and city maps.

A lot of good quality content in this, although it will not really work standalone without some of the other supplements in the range, such as the Master Atlas, which provide more general background. Click here to buy Emer Atlas III: The Southeast from RPGNow.


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