A Sandwich from James Patrick Delicatessen on The Weir in Hessle

James Patrick Delicatessen, Hessle

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James Patrick Delicatessen, 11 The Weir, Hessle, East Yorkshire, HU13 0SB.

Initial Impressions

James Patrick Delicatessen is located on The Weir in Hessle near Hull. There is some free on street parking nearby. The shop sells a range of fine foods and wines as well as a wide variety of sandwiches and soup, salads, antipasto, cheeses, cured meats, pies, tartlets, sweet items and hot and cold drinks. There are a few tables outside under the shop’s awning.

The sandwich prices are for white or brown rolls, with other bread types costing, extra. There is currently a range of 95 different sandwiches listed, although others can be made if wanted. The sandwich types include many ingredients of types that would not be seen in the typical sandwich shop.

The shop was visited on a Thursday lunchtime and was not particularly busy, and there were enough staff serving that it wasn’t necessary to wait, although there was a fairly constant stream of customers.

The Food

Roast Beef with Wasabi Mayonnaise and Red Onion

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The sandwich ordered was a Roast Beef with Wasabi Mayonnaise and Red Onion which was served in the standard seeded white roll. The beef was rare, although another joint was also available that had been cooked more if desired. This beef was sliced from a cooked joint that was in the refrigerator. The wasabi (often called Japanese horseradish) in the mayonnaise is quite a hot and spicy root, and could be too strong for some, but in this case only enough had been used to add a bit of spice to it – it’s similar to some hot mustards – so would probably be suitable for most people. The sandwich was sliced in half, with each half wrapped in plastic, and then placed in a paper bag that was sealed shut with a sticker with the shop’s name on it.

My Opinion

The sandwich ordered cost £3.30, which was really not that expensive. Even though it cost more than the most commonly available sandwiches from other shops and supermarkets, which tend to be in the £1.50 to £2.50 range, there are still some supermarket and other sandwiches in that price range. The ingredients in this one were of a better quality, and the sandwich was made to order, using fresh beef that had been cooked by them and sliced from a joint and not made from processed beef. A sandwich that is a definite cut above the average, and recommended if you fancy a change.


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