A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Super Kids – A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids

Super Kids – A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids by Conrad Evanshire is a role playing game supplement published by Conrad Evanshire. This is an addition for the Hero Kids game system. The supplement is intended to add the option of playing superheroes to the Hero Kids game.

The supplement is available as a PDF from RPGNow for $3.99 but was purchased at the reduced price of $2.99. It is also available at a reduced price in the Super Kids – Starter Bundle and the Super Kids – Complete Bundle.

This is an 18 page PDF which lacks bookmarks. One page is the full colour front cover, one page the front matter and one page a title page before the hero cards.

Super Kids - A Superhero Expansion for Hero KidsThe first page is on Superhero Gaming for Hero Kids and Encouraging Imaginative Play. This page outlines the supplement, mentions the Character Advancement supplement from the publisher and explains the benefits of superhero gaming.

The next page is the introduction, which introduces (briefly) the Capital City setting and super kids themselves.

Inventory and Skills is another page and details the items and skills that can be found on Super Kids hero cards.

The rest of the supplement is taken up by the hero cards for the Super Kids, at two cards per page. There are fourteen different super kids, plus two have alternate forms, which also have their own cards, and one has a pet which also has a card. Finally, there is a single blank card.

Super Kids – A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids in Review

The PDF lacks bookmarks. Although it is a short enough supplement that they are not truly necessary, they would have been appreciated.

There isn’t a huge amount of text but what there was seemed free of errors. As well as the full colour front cover there are some items of art in the book, some colour and some black and white, which may be stock art. Each hero card, more importantly, also comes with a nice illustration of the character, which is what is really needed.

The supplement is fully compatible with other Hero Kids supplements so, perhaps with a bit of tweaking, regular adventures can be used with Super Kids (the Space Adventures would likely be the easiest to convert).

As there isn’t an adventure, this supplement should probably not be purchased by itself, but in one of the bundles, both of which come with the sole Super Kids adventure from the publisher.

This is a nice start to a different type of Hero Kids setting, although there isn’t a huge amount of content available as yet. More will hopefully be added. The amount of content in the supplement is also quite low, but should be enough to get started, with a suitable adventure. Super Kids – A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids is an interesting expansion for Hero Kids and can be found by clicking here.


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