A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Subterranean Enclave: Fanghome

Subterranean Enclave: Fanghome by Brian Wiborg Mønster is a role playing game supplement published by Raging Swan Press for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. As such, it is covered by the Open Game License with some parts being considered Open Game Content as a result. This is one in a series of what are essentially underground settlements; this particular one is a troglodyte settlement next to a subterranean jungle.

This is a ten page bookmarked PDF which is available from RPGNow for $2.45 but which was purchased as part of a special bundle at the substantially reduced price of $0.21. The PDF comes in two versions, one designed for print and desktop and the other for screen and mobile.

Subterranean Enclave: FanghomeTwo covers are the publisher’s standard plain front and rear covers, one page is similar to these, one page is the front matter, Contents and Stat Blocks by CR and one page is the Open Game License.

Fanghome At a Glance is two pages and starts with a brief overview of the settlement, which likely dates back to the troglodyte empire and was a pretty poor place until the Zji‐Zji berries in the nearby jungle proved popular with other underground races, increasing trade and wealth. The demographics, notable NPCs and locations, marketplace, lore and whispers & rumours are listed, as there is as a map of the settlement.

Notable Locations is another two pages and covers in more detail the various locations previously listed. There are sidebars on the troglodyte god Amon-Pyr, who has appeared in other Raging Swan publications, Zji‐Zji berries and the Orb of Sithrak. The orb is a large, glowing sphere that floats above the area and provides some light and enough heat to allow a jungle to grow underground. Sithrak himself was a powerful wizard of whom little is known.

Life in Fanghome is the final page and gives details on law & order, trade & industry and a d6 table of events, as well as stats on the former chief of the troglodytes.

Subterranean Enclave: Fanghome in Review

The PDF is decently bookmarked with the major and minor sections linked although the sidebars are not. The Contents only cover the major sections but are hyperlinked. Navigation is above average for a small supplement.

The text maintains a two column format and no errors were noticed. Apart from the settlement’s map, the sole illustration is a single piece of black and white stock art. Presentation is therefore okay.

The settlement has been designed so that it has a definitely different feel to it; there are things that make it stand out as being a definitely nonhuman village.

There are quite a few potential adventure hooks in the supplement. There is the former chief who is scheming to regain control, and who is also being guided by Amon-Pyr (another deity could be substituted if needed). He is not the only troglodyte plotting against the current chief either. The berry trade makes the settlement a bit more well travelled than might otherwise be the case, and the troglodytes are not all evil. Characters could easily visit here and it could be a relatively safe place to stop. The mysterious Orb of Sithrak is something else that could be expanded on; it appears that the orb can be entered, and it is probably more than it seems.

Subterranean Enclave: Fanghome is a good, useful place to visit during an underground campaign and it can be found by clicking here.


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