A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure – The Lost Village

Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure – The Lost Village by Justin Halliday is a role playing game supplement published by Hero Forge Games for use with the Hero Kids game system, which is aimed at children from age 4 to age 10. This is an eight encounter adventure with a difficulty rating of hard.

The PDF is available from RPGNow for $2.99 and can also be purchased at a reduced price with the Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure Pack 1 Bundle, the Hero Kids – Starter Fantasy PDF Bundle or the Hero Kids – Complete Fantasy PDF Bundle, the last being how it was purchased. It is also one of the adventures included in the Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure Compendium, which is available as a softcover print on demand book.

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - The Lost VillageThe PDF is the version reviewed, which has 30 pages, one of which is the full colour front cover, and which is in landscape format. The PDF comes in two versions, one of which is printer friendly and lacks the parchment-coloured page backgrounds.

The adventure starts with a list of what is needed to play it, which includes the Her Kids core rulebook, dice, pencil and paper and various printouts. There is a background to the adventure, which is set in the official setting of the Brecken Vale, an overview and an introduction. The characters need to go and check on another village in the vale which has fallen out of contact.

The adventure has eight different encounters, each of which provides options for various ability rests or role playing, and many having combat encounters as well. The first encounter sees the characters decide whether to proceed to the village overland or by boat; the second encounter comes in two different options depending on which method of transport is chosen.

Following the adventure are various player maps; these are larger versions of the encounter maps available to the GM in each encounter, but lacking the various labels. There are six pages of black and white maps.

Next are two pages each of which have four monster cards for the monsters encountered during the adventure.

Finally are four pages of stand up monster tokens for the various monsters which can be used with the printed out encounter maps.

Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure – The Lost Village in Review

The PDF is well bookmarked with the various encounters and elements of the encounters all linked. The various maps, monster cards and stand up tokens at the rear are not bookmarked, but they don’t really need to be as they are for printing out. There is no contents. Navigation is above average.

The text maintains a two column format and no errors were noted. The only real illustrations are the various maps and the images of the monsters on the monster cards and tokens; this is all that really needs to be included, so presentation is okay.

Each encounter provides a host of different possible ability checks, allowing the GM flexibility when it comes to how creative the players are, and there are role playing possibilities as well, and the combat encounters. The adventure is therefore fairly open in what can be done, although the route through it is pretty linear; which is probably best with young children. More capable players can have more options as to what they do.

Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure – The Lost Village is another nice adventure for introducing young children to role playing games and can be found by clicking here.


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