A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure – Escape from the Ghost Pirates

Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure – Escape from the Ghost Pirates by Justin Halliday is a role playing game supplement published by Hero Forge Games for use with the Hero Kids game system, which is aimed at children from age 4 to 10. This is a single short adventure.

The PDF is available from RPGNow for $2.99 and can also be purchased at reduced price with the Hero Kids – Complete Fantasy PDF Bundle (which is how it was purchased) and the Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure Pack 2 Bundle. It is one of the adventures included in the Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure Compendium, which is available as a softcover print on demand book.

The PDF is the version reviewed. This has seventeen pages, one page of which is the full colour cover, and it is in landscape format. The PDF comes in two versions, one of which is printer-friendly and lacks the parchment-like page backgrounds.

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Escape from the Ghost PiratesThe adventure starts with a list of what is needed, which includes the Core Rules, before giving an overview of the adventure itself, including the background. The characters, along with the adults, have been captured by the titular ghost pirates. They, being smaller than the adults, can escape from where they are being held on the ship

There are four different encounters, each of which takes place in a different area of the ship. A labelled map is provided for the GameMaster for each encounter area. Each has a combat encounter and a number of things that can be achieved through ability checks.

The adventure is followed by four pages of maps, larger versions of the black and white GM’s maps which lack labels and are used with the stand up minis. Next is a page with monster cards for the two versions of the pirate captain, followed by the final page which has a stand up mini for each version of the captain.

Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure – Escape from the Ghost Pirates in Review

The PDF is exceptionally well bookmarked given its length. Everything bar the monsters, minis and maps has a bookmark, although there is no contents. Navigation is therefore above average. There are no illustrations apart from the black and white maps and the images of the pirate captain on the monster cards and minis, but these are decent enough. Perhaps a bit of pirate stock art would have been nice. Having the option to print out a PDF without the backgrounds is helpful.

The adventure itself is simple and easy enough to run. Each encounter is a combat encounter, with different types, allowing players to try different things, and the various suggestions for ability checks – or roleplaying options – for each encounter allow depth to be added for more capable players.

Hero Kids – Fantasy Adventure – Escape from the Ghost Pirates is a nice little adventure that should work well for children and it can be found by clicking here.


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