A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement 50 Modern Magic Items

50 Modern Magic Items by Matthew Morgan is a generic role playing game supplement published by Matthew V Morgan. This is a collection of 50 stat-free modern magic items.

This is an eight page PDF that is available from RPGNow for $1.50 but was purchased at the reduced price of $1.25. One page is the cover, one page is blank and one page is an introduction.

Next are the 50 magic items themselves. Some of these are named after people whilst others are not. The majority are modern items that have been given a magical edge, from ties that make the wearer a good liar, but strangle them the more they lie, to shotguns that never need reloading but require the user to make the loading sound with their mouth. Each is given a paragraph to describe it.

50 Modern Magic Items in Review

50 Modern Magic ItemsThe PDF is extremely well bookmarked for its length – every single listed item has a bookmark. Navigation is therefore exceptionally good for a short supplement – most this size wouldn’t bother with bookmarks at all.

The text maintains a two column format, apart from the introduction, and no errors were noticed. The sole illustration is on the front cover – although illustrations of each item would have been nice, given the size and price of the PDF, that really cannot be expected. Plus, they are items whose images should be easy enough to find anyway, given that they are modern.

Some of the items, to a degree, resemble the artefacts seen in the series Warehouse 13. Others appear to have been inspired by popular culture. Pretty much all of them are interesting. Certainly, a GM will need to make the effort to convert the descriptions into game terms – how difficult this is will depend on the system – and some are perhaps potentially overpowered, but this will be worth the effort.

This is a great, inexpensive collection of interesting and different magic items for a modern campaign. 50 Modern Magic Items is definitely recommended for anyone playing a modern campaign and it can be found by clicking here.


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